Vandenberg staff sergeant promotions announced

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Congratulations to the 113 Vandenberg Airmen selected for promotion to staff sergeant.

Jessie Adams
Michael Ambriz
Jason Anderson
Samuel Arwood
Chad Atchley
Rhandolf Barcinas
Clayton Bautista
Dennis Berry
Jason Braun
Daniel Briseno
Evan Burns
Stephen Cadette
Frank Castillo
Adrian Cervantes
Crystal Chamblee
Raul Chavez
Kevin Clark
Alexander Colon
Shaun Cooper
Marie Cox
Jenny Cronin
Antonio Cruz
Marcus Daniels
Maria Danzberger
Jacob Davies
Deland Doan
Douglas Duarte
Jose Duenas
Judy Duncan
Jeremiah Elam
Thomas Emery
Alpheus Escudero
Leo Estremadura
Jerelle Faust
Larry Favors
Kyle Fiala
Sean Fletcher
Edward Flordeliz
Kevin Flores
Andrew Freytag
Sara Gilbert
Gabriel Gonzales
Kavan Grant
Kevin Graves
Albert Gsell
Shawn Hardee
Jamison Henry
Jason Hitchens
Peter Hobson
James Hoffer
Jonathan Jansson
Jabari Johnson
Anthony Jones
Johnny Jones
Robert Jones
Jason Judson
Michael Junkins
Daniel Kane
Michael Kenitzer
Milton Ketchum
Selam Kidane
Christopher Kremer
Nickolas Lagunas
John Le
Luch Leam
Donovan Lebloch
Jason Levy
Christopher Limalima
Matthew Livesay
Princess Lloyd
Francesca Maliwanag
Daniel Martinez
Damean Moore
Scott Morgan
Cedric Morris
Matthew Myhra
Isha Navarro
Blanca Nuno
Addie Ozuna
Daniel Patrick
Derrall Peach
Joshua Peargin
Paul Perez
Kevin Peaslee
Janice Prudente
Daniel Raile
Jason Reed
Jawad Rehman
James Roberts
Kevin Roe
James Romig
Melissa Rouse
Jesse Rubbo
Robert Rudd
Sean Sawyer
Jason Schoonmaker
Brandon Scott
Matthew Smith
Nicole Smith
Zachery Snyder
Brian Staiger
Saundia Stewart
Travis Thompson
Luis Torres
Precious Torres
Nicholas Urban
John Villarreal
Jeffrey Watts
Corey West
John White
Gabrielle Widseth
Jarod Williams
Mark Wilmore

Air Force officials selected 15,130 of 36,608 eligible senior airmen for promotion to staff sergeant for a selection rate of 41.33 percent, up 5.46 percent from last year.

The average staff sergeant selectee score for the 07E5 staff sergeant test cycle was 270.71 points, based on the following:
-- 131.72 Enlisted Performance Reports
-- 55.99 Promotion Fitness Exam
-- 54.33 Specialty Knowledge Test
-- 2.15 Time in Grade
-- 4.72 Time in Service
-- 0.85 Decorations

There are 4,894 enlisted Airmen who will have yet to take the Weighted Airmen Promotion System test, primarily due to deployment, said Chief Master Sgt. Rusty Nicholson, the enlisted promotion branch chief at the Air Force Personnel Center at Randolph Air Force Base. "Upon their return, they will be provided the 60-day study time prior to testing and then automatically be considered via the monthly supplemental process."

(Names and spellings provided by 30th Mission Support Squadron Promotions office)