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CoRC taking aim at plugging informational hole for Airmen

Creating a Culture of Responsible Choices

Creating a Culture of Responsible Choices

VANDENBERG AIR FORCE BASE, Calif. -- The Air Force started the Culture of Responsible Choices program to help find alternatives to alcohol-related programs, but Vandenberg is taking CoRC to a new level.

Vandenberg's vision for CoRC brings multiple services and resources, including sexual assault response, suicide prevention and the wingman concept together to make it easier for Airmen to get information, as well as creating a calendar of activities devoted to creating a responsible mindset, said Capt. Brian Martin, the CoRC wing action officer.

"CoRC is trying to be proactive in helping Airmen, not just with alcohol, but with all issues that effect Airmen," said Captain Martin.  The organization is going to work as an umbrella of information for base services.

"We are trying to herd all the useful information under one agency." said Col. Michael Fortney, the 30th Space Wing vice commander.

The idea is to create a culture around making wise responsible decisions.

"We are trying to change the thinking of 'work hard, play hard' to 'work smart, play smart'," Captain Martin said.

CoRC is focused just as much on the present as they are the future by promoting bimonthly events sponsored by different groups to give Airmen an alternative to drinking off base. The groups will come up with events, like a movie night or a bowling night, and plan them out themselves, Captain Martin said.

At the moment, CoRC is working on Right Choices Videos to be used at commander calls and as an educational tool for the command. The videos contain Airmen acting out compromising scenarios that Airmen can get into if they aren't proactive, Captain Martin said.

CoRC is looking for Airmen interested in making a difference to attend the next CoRC meeting scheduled July 3rd at 2 p.m. in the Mission Support Group Conference room in building 11777.

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