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Vandenberg techs and staffs learn of their promotions

Vandenberg is set to hold a party at 3:30 p.m. Friday in the Pacific Coast Club to congratulate the base's newest promotion selectees.

Vandenberg is set to hold a party at 3:30 p.m. Friday in the Pacific Coast Club to congratulate the base's newest promotion selectees.

VANDENBERG AIR FORCE BASE, Calif. -- Congratulations to the following 111 Vandenberg noncommissioned officers who have been selected for promotion.

The following people were selected for promotion to master sergeant
Steven Carey, 30th Civil Engineer Squadron
Kenneth Flowers, 30th CES
Jeffery Hamilton, 30th CES
Steven Tohm, 30th CES
Hal Ucci, 30th CES
Russell Wells, 30th CES
Frankie Young, 30th CES
Emberly Dominguez,30th Comptroller Squadron
Benjamin Manalastas, 30th CPTS
Andrew Colsch, 30th Logistics Readiness Squadron
Richard Haines, 30th LRS
Brian Rollefson, 30th LRS
Keri Vazquez, 30th LRS
Tracy Tolliver, 30th Medical Operations Squadron
Keith Maddox, 30th Medical Support Squadron
Johnny Pellham, 30th MDSS
Sheila White, 30th Mission Support Squadron
Charlie Jefferson, 30th Security Forces Squadron
Kevin Polson, 30th SFS
Quintin Thomas, 30th SFS
Paul Cox, 30th SCS
Chad Lindquist, 30th SCS
Bryan Hanchey, 30th SCS
Quynh Mcculley, 30th Space Wing
Shari Colquhoun, 30th SW
Kurt Garmendia, 30th Weather Squadron
Cindy Compoc, 14th Air Force
Ramio Ramirezsanchez, 14th AF
Paul Moore, 18th Intelligence Squadron
Randy Dunn , 345th Training Squadron Detatchment 1
Williams Jones, 345th TRS, Det. 1
Markanthony Cuneta, 381st Training Group
Justin Deisch, 532nd Training Squadron
Jason Price, 532nd Training Squadron
Michael Chadwick, 533rd TRS
Gregory Cross, 533rd TRS
Coy Crowe, 533rd TRS
Vincent Jackson, 533rd TRS
Jonathan Rinard, 533rd TRS
Anthony Rincon, 533rd TRS
Sam Sparks, 533rd TRS
Kenneth Anderson, 576th Flight Test Squadron
William Gonzalez, 576th FLTS
Dean Krambeck, 576th FLTS
Shawn Luderman, 614th Space Operations Squadron
James Polacek, 614th SOPS

The following people were selected for promotion to technical sergeant
Peter Dasis, 1st Air and Space Test Squadron
Christopher Lanchoney, 1st ASTS
Brandon Drydol, 30th CPTS
Robert Brown, 30th CES
Garrick Hasty, 30th CES
Charles Paulson, 30th CES
Kaohilii Romualdo, 30th CES
Michael Wise, 30th CES
Christopher Quezada, 30th LRS
Michael Bell, 30th MDOS
Travis Heath, 30th MDOS
Jessica Soto, 30th MDSS
Lizell Najera, 30th MDSS
Erin Panas, 30th MSS
Christopher Stafford, 30th Operations Group
Robert Garcia , 30th SFS
Rodolfo Garcia, 30th SFS
Jeffrey Keller, 30th SFS
Christopher MaCauley, 30th SFS
Christopher Miller, 30th SFS
Eric Pelican, 30th SFS
Tyrese Rhodes, 30th SFS
Daniel Williams, 30th SFS
Kristina Higdon, 30th SCS
Christ Stokesberry, 30th SCS
Ernesto Villegas, 30th SCS
Kimberly Watkins, 30th SCS
Laura Wright, 30th SCS
Dustin Freeman, 30th SCS
Ryan Johnson, 30th SCS
Christopher Yuncker, 30th Space Wing
Andrea Wiley, 14th AF
Sandie Hedge, 14th AF
Gary Brown, 1st Space Control Squadron
Jeramey Conley, 1st SCS
Aaron Williams, 1st SCS
David Stagnari, 1st SCS
Joseph Morgan, 18th IS
Daryl Brooks, 345th TRS, Det. 1
Aaron Church, 345th TRS, Det. 1
Justin Fryar, 345th TRS, Det. 1
Rayford Jones, 345th TRS, Det. 1
Robert Leach, 345th TRS, Det. 1
William Smith, 345th TRS, Det. 1
Michael Coderre, 533rd TRS
Neal Strawn, 533rd TRS
Earl Tubbs, 533rd TRS
Jacob Wall, 533rd TRS
Christopher Rowland, 381st Training Support Squadron
Phillip Tucker, 532nd TRS
Glendon Kirkham, 614th SOPS
David Arvizu, 614th Space Intelligence Squadron
David Day, 614th SIS
Robert Hinman, 614th SIS
Rodney Bobo, 576th FLTS
Christopher Brol, 576th FLTS
Phillip Garcia, 576th FLTS
Axel Gaud Torres, 576th FLTS
James Jenkins, 576th FLTS
Christopher Keck, 576th FLTS
Sara Lanchoney, 576th FLTS
Shaun Meicher, 576th FLTS
Rhodora Ostil, 576th FLTS
Scott Sheriff, 576th FLTS

The Air Force selected 6,002 of 24,115 eligible technical sergeants for promotion to master sergeant, and 7,314 of 39,797 eligible staff sergeants for promotion to technical sergeant.

The master sergeant selection rate, 24.89 percent, rose 5.03 percent from last year, while this year's technical sergeant rate, 18.38 percent, rose 1.62 percent.

"The promotion quota was significantly higher this year, which directly relates to the increased promotion percentage," here. "A smaller eligibility pool, coupled with increased promotion quota allows the opportunity to promote more enlisted Airmen."

The Air Force will release both promotion lists at 9 a.m. CST; score notices on the virtual MPF and the Air Force Portal at 3 p.m. CST; and the complete list of selectees posted on AFPC's enlisted promotions Web page, no later than close of business all on June 14.

The average master sergeant selectee score for the 07E7 master sergeant test cycle was 339.07 points, based on the following:

-- 134.42 Enlisted Performance Reports
-- 62.57 Promotion Fitness Exam
-- 61.83 Specialty Knowledge Test
-- 32.13 Time in Grade
-- 35.46 Time in Service
-- 12.09 Decorations

The average master sergeant selectee has 4.27 years time in grade and 17.02 years in service. Those selected will be promoted to master sergeant from August to July 2008.

The average technical sergeant selectee score for the 07E6 technical sergeant test cycle was 317.17 points, based on the following:

-- 133.30 Enlisted Performance Reports
-- 60.86 Promotion Fitness Exam
-- 53.90 Specialty Knowledge Test
-- 37.98 Time in Grade
-- 24.08 Time in Service
-- 5.40 Decorations

The average technical sergeant selectee has 5.25 years time in grade and 10.91 years in service. Those selected will be promoted to technical sergeant from August to July 2008.

Approximately 5,900 non-commissioned officers haven't tested yet because of deployment and will be allowed to test once they return, said Chief Master Sgt. Rusty Nicholson, enlisted promotion branch chief at the Air Force Personnel Center.  They  will be considered for supplemental promotion and results are announced on a monthly basis until everyone has been considered.