The price is perfect

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Erica Stewart
  • 30th Space Wing Public Affairs
There are not very many people in the United States that can say that they've helped out Bob Barker, host of the hit game show "The Price is Right."

Capt. Anthony Scalice, 30th Space Wing Judge Advocate, can say that he's lent the 83 year old, avid golfer a hand. He held a microphone for him on stage during a live taping of "The Price is Right' in which he participated and won a brand new car.

Captain Scalice bought tickets to the Nov. 27 taping because his parents were coming into town and his dad is a fan of the award winning television show.

By the luck of the draw, he was called down to "contestants row" and, by taking advice from his family watching from the audience, won a chance to participate in a one-on-one game with Mr. Barker for a chance to win a showcase.

"The experience was incredible," he said. "I couldn't have won during contestants' row without my wife and family... I turned to them in the audience for advice and was only $10 under the actual retail price of the item up for bid."

The item that Captain Scalice had to guess the price of was a 27 piece pot and pan set with the retail value of $560 dollars- he guessed $550.

He was then asked on stage to personally participate in a game of "Hole in one...or two'. According to the official Price is Right Web Site, the game is set up like a putting green and played for a new car.

The contestant must place six grocery items in order from the least expensive to the most expensive. For every one the contestant gets right, he/she will move closer to the hole. If the contestant misses the first putt, he/she gets a second try.

Captain Scalice got four out of six grocery items in order allowing him to putt to the second closest hole and win a new car. The car, a 2007 Pontiac Grand Prix, retails for around $22,500 and will be delivered in April.

"I have no control over color, options, dealer or anything," he said. "I am just happy to accept it."

The best part about being on the longest running game show in television history for Captain Scalice was the opportunity to hold a microphone for Mr. Barker, while he putted from the farthest distance to the hole on the artificial green.

"It was an incredible experience, especially having my wife and family in the audience to cheer me on and getting to see the expression on their faces when I actually won," he said.

Captain Scalice's wife was equally amazed with her husband's opportunity to win on the popular game show.

It is beyond a surreal experience," Julie Scalice said. "Everything happened so fast and you wanted to soak in every minute, but I had to keep reminding myself that this was really happening!"

This episode will air on Jan. 17 at 10:00 a.m. Pacific Standard Time on CBS.