Vandenberg Airmen most deployable in Space Command

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Erica Stewart
  • 30th Space Wing Public Affairs
Vandenberg has achieved and maintained the highest Individual Medical Readiness scores in all of Air Force Space Command.

Air Force Standards require an 80 percent compliance rate, however, Space Command says that the rate needs to be 95 percent or higher.

Vandenberg, with the highest rate in all of Space Command, has maintained a 92 percent or above for the past six months.

Not only do high Individual Medical Readiness statistics (IMRSTATS) help a deploying individual, they also help the cohesiveness of every base agency involved in the deployment process.

"By individuals keeping current with their IMRSTATS it is one less stress for them during the deployment process," said Capt. Brenda Dehn, chief of Vandenberg Public Health. "With the Preventative Health Assessment becoming available online, we will hopefully be a one-stop shop and decrease the amount of time an individual spends in the clinic."
Also, having everyone current with PHAs means that a commander can point to deploy anyone in the squadron to fill a slot without a problem, Captain Dehn said.

There have been many factors aiding in the success of Vandenberg's IMRSTATS but one main factor is commander's visibility.

"Every week we send IMRSTAT reports to commanders, Unit Deployment Managers, squadron commanders and first sergeants," Captain Dehn said. "The commanders have done a very good job of making this a priority and staying on top of their troops to be current."

Even though commanders and other guiding officials have been doing their part to remind troops of upcoming medical delinquencies, it is the individual's personal responsibility to stay current.

"In today's Air Force you can be deployed at any time, so stay on top of medical issues and be proactive," said Tech. Sgt. Jack Scudmore, non-commissioned officer in charge of Public Health said. "We are the middle man between the base and the Vandenberg Medical Group so we work very hard to remain open for people who really need it," he said.

Working hard for customers and pride in their accomplishment is what drives Vandenberg to hold the number one spot for IMRSTAT scores.

"We care that we're number one and we want to keep it that way; its become a focal point for the whole medical group," Sergeant Scudmore said.