Vandenberg dining facility best in Air Force Space Command

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Erica Stewart
  • 30th Space Wing Public Affairs
The 30th Services Division here is the Air Force Space Command winner of the 2007 Air Force John L. Hennessy Award.

This award is given to an installation for having the best food service program in the Air Force and is based on superior management, tremendous force readiness support, outstanding food quality and phenomenal customer relations.

"What really sets us apart is that our team knows the customer on a personal level," said Ellen Weaver, a facility manager. "Not to mention that our team really enjoys coming into work, and customers can tell."

The customers have taken notice to the Breaker's staff as well.

"The evaluators also asked the customers about the service at Breaker's, and they responded that Breaker's is the best dining facility they've eaten at in their entire career," said Willie Belton, the food service officer.

Not only does the Breaker's team enjoy coming into work but the cohesiveness between the team and the leadership impressed the Hennessy evaluators.

"They noticed that the senior leadership worked well together and they were impressed with the employees' commitment to teamwork," Ms. Weaver said.

The Breaker's Dining Facility works together to be the best but they wouldn't be able to accomplish their goal without base support.

"Because of leadership support, we are able to merchandise better," Mr. Belton said. "This affords us the opportunity to have things like hot tiles, pan raisers and new television sets."

New equipment is nothing when pitted against value of great teamwork in the eyes of some.

"You can have the best facility and the newest equipment but you need the right people working in your facility to make it happen," said Calvin Tucker, 30th Combat Support Flight chief.

Commitment to teamwork and everyday sterling performance is what made the Breaker's Dining Facility team number one in Space Command.

"We are the Hennessy way every meal, every day," said Deborah O'Brien, a contract manager with the 30th Services Division. "It was easy for our team to win this award because they just came in and did what they do every day; knowing their job and enjoying what they do."

The 30th Services Division will compete next at Air Force Level for the 2007 Air Force Hennessy award.