Vandenberg short burst a success

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Erica Stewart
  • 30th Space Wing Public Affairs
Vandenberg Airmen completed a series of exercises on Tuesday when the bases emergency response and as well as reactions while transitioning from Force Protection Condition Alpha to FCON Delta.

"The two exercises completed 30 SW's annual exercise requirements," Sam Treat, Vandenberg Exercise, Inspections Management Specialist.

The first phase of the exercise involved a fire at the munitions storage area. It was designed to be a simple emergency response exercise that would test Vandenberg Fire, Security, and Evacuation procedures, he added.

The test, designed to test how the Vandenberg Fire Department and the 30 Security Forces Squadron responded and worked together, was a little rough around the edges but a success in the eyes of the IG.

"During the first exercise it was very clear that it's been some time since they have had to work together- They were a little rough around the edges," Mr. Treat said. "This is mainly due to high TDY (temporary duty) rotations, new personnel in from other bases and mission requirements."

"After some clear and concise feed back to all responders the second exercise went off well with no repeat infractions. Both the fire department and 30th Security Forces Squadron knew exactly what to do and what requirements need to be met," he added.

The second exercise was designed to test the wing's reaction while transitioning from FPCON Alpha to FPCON Delta with one event. This event involved a car bomb at the Lompoc gate.

"The perpetrator had no ties to any known terrorist group, Mr. Treat said. "With the type of information made available, the wing can analyze its current threat and make valued choices on when and how long to stay in any FPCON."

"This also allowed the Fire and Security Forces folks the opportunity to apply fixes to any mistakes during the first exercise," Mr. Treat added.

Even though new and realistic factors were introduced, the truck bomb exercise was still successful.

"This is only the second time we've ever done this during an exercise," Mr. Treat said. Even though the gates only closed down for 5 to10 minutes the impact of this is overwhelming and adds realism to the exercise."

"After some clear and concise feed back to all responders the second exercise went off well with no repeat infractions," he said.

After both exercises ended, Vandenberg's performance was critiqued and deemed a success.

"The short burst was a success," said Maj. Chris Drap, 30th Space Wing Inspector General. "Everyone from the responders on the scene to the battle staff had the opportunity to practice their procedures and fine tune their skills."