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Airman's card aids in public communication

VANDENBERG AIR FORCE BASE, Calif. -- -- The Secretary of the Air Force has guided all Airmen to tell the "Air Force Story" with help from a small card found at your local Public Affairs office. 

Michael Wynne, SAF, has directed Airmen to carry an "Airman's Card." The card helps guide communication efforts by sharing experiences to fellow airmen, friends, family and other public members. 

The Global War on Terror and other military efforts have been widely publicized, hot topics for many news outlets and the "Airman's Card" helps provide tips on talking to the media. 

The secretary has started an enhanced Strategic Communications program to build better relationships with key audiences and gain the support that is critical to operational success, force modernization and the development of Airmen. 

"I encourage you to show your pride and share both your personal story and the Air Force story with others," Secretary Wynne said in an Aug. 7 letter to Airmen. "Your active involvement in this communications strategy will help the public better understand the Air Force and the contribution we make to the Nation's security every day." 

Many Airmen feel they may say something wrong and get in trouble if they speak to the media. When media approach Airman, a normal response is "no comment," which the SAF and PA are trying to stray from. 

It is not always possible for Airmen to have PA present and this is where the "Airman's Card" comes in handy. The card provides quick references on what to do when approached by media and news outlets. It also provides some key messages on what the Air Force in doing concerning the GWOT.