Space Launch Delta 30 Enhances Information Protection with Security-Focused Stand Down

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Rocio Romo
  • Space Launch Delta 30 Public Affairs

Space Launch Delta 30 (SLD 30) recently conducted a security-focused stand down as directed by the Secretary of the Air Force, with the aim of enhancing the understanding of every Airman and Guardians role in protecting classified and sensitive information.

The stand down, held May 12, 2023, included a briefing by Cody Giboney, SLD 30’s Information Protection Chief, who emphasized the critical importance of securing and protecting National Security Information and the potential damage unauthorized disclosures can cause. Giboney also highlighted the significance of insider threat awareness, safeguarding practices, and individual reporting responsibilities.

During the training, Giboney emphasized that in most cases of insider threat, there are usually indicators that could have prevented unauthorized disclosures. The focus of his training was on identifying these indicators and providing guidance on reporting concerns to the appropriate authorities, in line with the principle of the Air Force Eagle Eyes Program, "See Something, Say Something," which raises awareness about the importance of reporting suspicious activity.

"Securing our assets and safeguarding our information can only happen with a massive team effort and buy-in from personnel at every level," said Giboney. He further expressed the importance of the security stand-down day, believing that the lessons learned will be valuable in strengthening the already strong security posture.

The directive from the Secretary of the Air Force to conduct a security-focused stand down demonstrates the military's ongoing commitment to protecting sensitive information and maintaining robust security measures. By emphasizing the responsibility of all personnel and providing targeted training, this initiative seeks to enhance information protection and mitigate potential risks in an ever-evolving digital landscape.