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Vandenberg residents to receive increased bandwidth

VANDENBERG AIR FORCE BASE, Calif. - -- RuralWest and Verizon will be increasing internet bandwidth and are now accepting additional customers from dorm and housing residents.

Due to equipment upgrades and an increase in bandwidth, Verizon is now accepting an additional 128 new customers, and Rural West will soon be accepting new customers after upgrades are completed.

As a large quantity of bandwidth is utilized at the dorms, RuralWest has sought to steadily improve its bandwidth. To expedite this effort, the 30th Space Communications Squadron provided fiber optics.

"Four out of eight dorms are now capable of utilizing 350 megabytes per second through RuralWest," said Eddie Ybarra, 30th Space Communications Squadron deputy director. "The other four dorms are projected to be activated by May 25. Upon completion, RuralWest will accept new customers. "

Dorm residents and base housing residents will no longer have to share their bandwidth and all residents will see an increase in internet speed.

"Additional bandwidth for RuralWest will be available to base housing in approximately two weeks," said Michael Blow, 30th Space Communications Squadron project manager. "At that point, RuralWest will work to clear the backlog of installations."

As RuralWest and Verizon bandwidth were saturated, leadership has been working to improve the quality of life for Vandenberg residents.

"We recognize these quality of life issues are important for base housing and dorm occupants and we are doing everything we can to instill this understanding with our suppliers," said Ybarra. "Our Airmen are constantly blazing new trails at work every day, and it is our goal to bring blazing internet services to their homes."

For more information, call RuralWest customer service at 805-734-5578 or Verizon Communications at 877-502-2876.