Building partnerships through faith

  • Published
  • By Tech Sgt. Tyrona Lawson
  • 30th Space Wing Public Affairs
It is said that a family who prays together, stays together. The same could be said for a community.

Twenty-eight clergy, representing 20 local churches and 12 different denominations, participated in the annual Clergy Day hosted by the Vandenberg chapel, April 3.

This years' forum focused on religious community leaders and intended to connect local clergy to the Vandenberg mission.

"Many of our Airmen, our civilian counterparts and their families are attendees at these places of worship, said Capt. Aleck Brown, 30th Space Wing staff chaplain, It is only fitting that the religious leaders are familiar with what their parishioners do."

During the visit, James Haleski, 30th Civil Engineer Squadron Readiness and Emergency Management flight chief briefed clergy members on the importance of community partnership through mutual aid agreements. Members also received a behind the scenes tour of the Western Range Operation Center.

"Chaplains and religious leaders provide something no other agency can provide, said Haleski, The service they provide is invaluable. They help our Airmen remain focused and balanced."

Tours and briefings were not the only learning aspects the clergy received. The visiting members got to experience first-hand the launching of an Atlas V Defense Meteorological Satellite Program 19.

"For one pastor, the experience was an exciting opportunity to witness the satellite propel into space, said Brown, He has lived in the area for more than 30 years and has never witnessed a launch from the base."

The annual forum helps build partnerships and allows the chapel staff to thank the local clergy for the support they give to the Vandenberg family. It also provides a gateway for attending members to think of ways to work together to support the warfighter.

"As a chapel team our mission is to deliver robust spiritual care through unit integration and resource focused quality programs," said Brown. "As such, we continue to call on our civilian counterparts in ministry to stand with us to help build and maintain the spiritual life of our Airmen and their families."