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More than 100 Team V Airmen selected for promotion

(U.S. Air Force file photo)

(U.S. Air Force file photo)

VANDENBERG AIR FORCE BASE, Calif. -- More than 100 Team V Airmen were selected for promotion to staff sergeant.

Vandenberg had 286 eligible senior airmen for the 13E5 promotion cycle of which 106 were selected for staff sergeant for a 37.06% promotion percentage.

More than 11,000 senior airmen have been selected for promotion to staff sergeant Air Force wide. The 11,212 selected represent 32.90 percent of the 34,078 eligible.

The average score for those selected was 291.07. Selectees' average time in grade is 1.98 years and time in service is 4.51. The average enlisted performance report score is 131.84, and 0.98 is the average decorations score. Selectee average promotion fitness examination score is 64.77 and the average specialty knowledge test score is 63.48.

Those selected for staff sergeant will be promoted according to their promotion sequence number beginning in September. Selections are tentative until the data verification process is complete, which is no later than 10 days after the promotion release date. Personnel officials will notify Airmen, via military personnel sections, if their selection is in question.

To see the promotion list, go to the myPers website at, select "Active Duty AF Enlisted" from the drop down menu and enter "promotions" in the search window. Select the enlisted promotions home page and scroll down to the "Promotion Selects and Statistics" link.

Airmen will also be able to access their score notices on the virtual MPF, accessible via the secure applications page and the Air Force Portal.

For more information about other career development and personnel issues, visit myPers.

The following Team V senior airmen were selected for promotion to staff sergeant:
Rank     Name                                          Unit
SrA       ACRE SHAWN TYLER                 30 SFS
SrA       ANCHETA FRANKLEN F              614 AOC
SrA       ANDERSON LOGAN JOS             30 CPTS
SrA       ANDREWS JORDAN MAR            614 AOC
SrA       ARMSTRONG JOSHUA R             30 CES
SrA       BEAN MICHAEL SHAUN               30 CES
SrA       BEHRENS VIRGINIA L                  30 MDOS
SrA       BELFORD ANTHONY GE              30 SFS
SrA       BELL SEAN DARNEIL                   30 SCS
SrA       BENBERRY BRITTANY                 30 SW
SrA       BETHANY BRIAN CHRI                 614 AOC
SrA       BETHANY KRISTIN NI                   30 OSS
SrA       BOWDEN MITCHELL RO               30 CES
SrA       BROOKS STEPHANIE D               576 FLTS
SrA       BROWN SARAH LINDSA              18 IS
SrA       CANNON STEPHEN NIC               614 AOC
SrA       CAPPELLETTI MICHAE                30 SCS
SrA       CAVALCANTE LUIZ GU                30 CPTS
SrA       COFFEY MATTHEW JOH             30 SFS
SrA       CONSELATORE FRANK               576 FLTS
SrA       COULOMBE OWEN ANDR           30 CES
SrA       DELEON GUERRERO RA             532 TRS
SrA       DUNCAN DARYL TYSON              30 CES
SrA       EHMAN BRIAN NICHOL                30 SFS
SrA       ENCINA AUSTIN EDJA                 30 CES
SrA       FENTON AARON ALAN                30 CES
SrA       FLORES JIMENEZ JAC                30 LRS
SrA       FLORES JOSEPH PATR              30 SFS
SrA       GALINDO ANTHONY JR               381 TRSS
SrA       GARRISON JACOB KYL               532 TRS
SrA       GARRISON JANET BAC               533 TRS
SrA       GONNION NATHAN CLA               614 AOC
SrA       GRANT TRAQUILLA DE                30 LG
SrA       GRAY CHRISTOPHER A               30 SFS
SrA       GREEN DEVON GEORGE            30 LRS
SrA       GRIMALDI JOSE ROBE                614 AOC
SrA       GUIWANHAYES JULYNN             30 MDOS
SrA       HALL JOSHUA HERBER              30 CES
SrA       HAMILTON MICHAEL S                30 SFS
SrA       HARDY JOSHUA JAMES             30 MDOS
SrA       HEBERT JAYSON EDWA            30 CES
SrA       HEGMAN JONATHAN R               30 SFS
SrA       HERNANDEZ STEPHEN              30 CONS
SrA       HOLLENBACK TIMOTHY             30 SFS
SrA       HOYT GRACE SUZANNE            614 AOC
SrA       HUDSON INDIA JENEE               30 SFS
SrA       IMLER SHEALYNN REG             614 AOC
SrA       JANIS NICHOLAS GAR               30 LRS
SrA       JOHNSON BRIAN RAY               30 SFS
SrA      JOHNSTON JAMIE SCO              30 CPTS
SrA      KNOLL JOSHUA DAVID              30 CES
SrA      KOONCE KENDRIX LEO             30 SFS
SrA      KUDRONOWICZ ARIK M             576 FLTS
SrA      LAFITA SIMONE CHEN               30 OG
SrA      LEJARDE ABEL SUSI                 576 FLTS
SrA      LEOS ANGELA STARR               381 TRSS
SrA      LINDSEY MELONIE EL               30 LRS
SrA      LINE KERRY GENE JR               30 CES
SrA      LIVOTI DAVID MATTH                 30 CES
SrA      LOPEZ JORGE ANDRES            30 OG
SrA      LUSZCAK LUKE JAMES             30 LRS
SrA      LY STEVEN BRUCE                   614 AOC
SrA      MADRID ANTHONY JAM             381 TRSS
SrA      MASER RICHARD ALAN             614 AOC
SrA      MASON BRYANT CHARL            30 SFS
SrA      MICALE LAURENCE WI              30 CES
SrA      MIGUEL IMMANUEL LA              30 LRS
SrA      MIRANDA MICHELLE R              30 SCS
SrA      MONTGOMERY JUSTIN             30 FSS
SrA      NAVA GLORYA IMELDA            30 SFS
SrA      NIEVES VICTORIA                     614 AOC
SrA      ORNELAS JESSIE                     30 MDOS
SrA      PIERCE JORDAN RICH              30 CES
SrA      REARDON NICHOLAS M           30 SW
SrA      REED DOUGLAS RAY               576 FLTS
SrA      ROBERTS ANTHONY LE            30 CES
SrA      ROGERS NICHOLAS WA           614 AOC
SrA      ROZSA MICHAEL ANDR             576 FLTS
SrA      RUBIO JONATHAN THE              30 SFS
SrA      SANTIAGO KEEN CARM            30 MDSS
SrA      SHUEY ZACHREY RYAN            30 SFS
SrA      SMITH JOHNAH BRIAN               30 FSS
SrA      SOBOSKI DANIEL GEO              576 FLTS
SrA      SPIEGEL DARYL                        30 SFS
SrA      STERNITZKY KARL JA                576 FLTS
SrA      SUTHERLAND JOHN OR             533 TRS
SrA      SYPERSMA TIMOTHY J              576 FLTS
SrA      TANNIS DARIAN SEAN                30 SW
SrA      TARON ROBERT ADAM               30 CES
SrA      TATE MITCHELL LYNN                 30 CES
SrA      THOME AUSTIN DANIE                30 OSS
SrA      TOWNSEND JOHN EDWA            30 SFS
SrA      VAROSKOVIC ANTHONY             614 AOC
SrA      VAROSKOVIC GABRIEL              614 AOC
SrA      VOGEL HAILEE NICOL                614 AOC
SrA      WAGNER CHRISTOPHER           30 CES
SrA      WALDRON KEISHA L                  30 CES
SrA      WALKER KYLE STEVEN             576 FLTS
SrA      WARMSLEY MARCUS EL            30 MDOS
SrA      WERKMEISTER ERIC J                614 AOC
SrA      WIENS KYLE JAMES                   576 FLTS
SrA      WILLIAMS RICHARD L                  30 SFS
SrA      YETTER RICHARD BIR                  614 AOC