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As of 11:00 p.m. on 20 September, base fire officials said the fire boundary is relatively stable. The fire continues to burn along portions of the south-east ridgelines, however fire teams assess these are not likely to spread beyond containment lines.

Overnight tonight, a specially-equipped aircraft will survey the fire boundary to determine its size and location. Using infrared heat detection, the aircraft will gather data that is used to build a map of the fire. Fire officials are hopeful the flight tonight will show gains made over the course of the day.

Weather forecasts indicate that winds tomorrow will blow to the northwest. This is expected to aid firefighting efforts by pushing the fire toward areas that have already burned. Over the course of the day tomorrow, fire crews will concentrate their efforts from the northwest portion of the fire area in order to stem the fire’s spread in that direction, and to provide additional protection for the base’s space launch complexes. 

The 1,000 firefighters deployed to the fire are making steady progress. However, fire officials caution that even with the recent gains, hot spots will likely linger for several days. With increased winds expected on Thursday, these hot spots will need to be monitored to ensure that no new fires ignite.