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  • VAFB rises to meet new challenges

    I take enormous pride in our launch, range and expeditionary missions, as well as the pristine national asset that is Vandenberg Air Force Base. Fiscal 2006 is now in the books and what a year it was. Our 30th Space Wing and associate unit Airmen made history with an 11 for 11 launch record that included the last Titan IV (the second most accurate
  • Take advantage of AF training; take it seriously

    It was just after 6 a.m. when I finished receiving the latest intelligence briefing, and the outlook didn't look too promising. Both our primary and alternate routes were "red", which meant we had suspected improvised explosive devices along the way. So as I approached my team of seven soldiers, six marines, four Airman, and four seaman, I realized
  • Commander on Console

    This past weekend, one of our own was cited for Driving While Intoxicated and, fortunately, was released to his first sergeant before injuring someone else or himself. I thought about this incident and the Airman that was cited recently for Driving Under the Influence, and our other DUIs this past calendar year, and tried to connect the dots on a
  • Where have all the wingmen gone?

    How does the following headline sound? Airman saves friend's life - warns of rock climbing dangers. Or try this one: Engineer saves astronauts' lives - ensures adherence of foam to shuttle external tank. Unfortunately, these aren't headlines we'll see anytime soon - they're not sensational enough - but I think we should. These are examples of
  • 30th MSG vital to mission success

     The 30th Mission Support Group is absolutely critical to the success of our launch, range, and expeditionary missions. Simply put, the ability of this Wing to deliver one-of-a-kind, billion-dollar payloads to orbit that save lives and win wars would come to a grinding halt without the men and women serving in the MSG. This past Thursday, I spent
  • CC: Step up, be a great wingman; help save a life

    This past Tuesday, we lost one of our own. It is never easy to lose a fellow Airman, a friend, or even worse, a family member. A family lost their son, a sister lost her brother and a squadron lost a warrior. For all of us here at the 30th Space Wing, we lost someone we worked with, someone we depended on and someone we cared about. There was a
  • IG offers advice on Air Force success

    As I look forward to Nov. 9 and my retirement ceremony, I look back at 20 very memorable years serving in the Air Force. I've had many teachers, a small collection of very close friends and tons of memories that will stay with me longer than most of the "I love me wall" items received during my career. I rarely felt joy when a teacher told me that