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Team V captain truly encompasses “Excellence in All We Do.”


Captain Garrett Glover, 381st Training Support Squadron flight commander of student development, lifting weights in his personal gym Oct. 19, 2017, Vandenberg Air Force Base, Calif. Glover became passionate about bodybuilding eleven years ago and has tuned his workouts, diet and schedule to become the best he can be.


The Air Force is full of competitors in their respective sports, educational pursuits, and career progression. Captain Garrett Glover, 381st Training Support Squadron flight commander of student development, is one of Team V’s premier competitors.

Glover was among ten, 381st Training Group, Airmen who were recently awarded the chance to attend prestigious colleges in their respective career fields. But, if this didn’t already distinguish Glover, his eleven years of bodybuilding has.

Standing at 6’3” and housing shoulders the width of a doorframe, Glover truly encompasses the definition of a bodybuilder.

“Bodybuilding is really about packing as much muscle on the frame as possible, but still maintaining the large shoulders and narrow waist,” said Glover.

Looking at Glover now, it is hard to imagine the process behind the results.

“It takes a lot of years to put on that size,” said Glover. “So for me, even though I was interested in it, and I started lifting right away with the intent of becoming a bodybuilder, I didn’t step on stage for six years after I started lifting.”

Glover is a perfectionist who spent hundreds of hours learning the full spectrum of bodybuilding.

“There is a big difference between a beginner, intermediate, and advanced lifter,” said Glover. “I took myself through those stages of [kinesiology and sports nutrition].”

Now, Glover is visibly within the advanced lifter stage, but what may not be seen by his students, coworkers, or even training partners is the effort he puts in to maintain these results.

“It’s not about just going to the gym and working out,” said Glover. “Every single thing [I] do, every single day lends itself to my results.”

This includes prepping his food, planning his two-hour meal schedule into his work schedule, and staying mindful of recovery.

“It’s a passion for me,” said Glover. “I love the willpower aspect of it. I love that it’s not just a two hour time frame in the day where I am going to the gym; my bodybuilding is 24/7. I love the test of will that it takes to be successful.”

“As a bodybuilder, all day I am thinking about all of the little things that are going to add up to my success in the long term,” said Glover.

Glover plans to compete in his next bodybuilding competition this coming spring as long as the demands of his work and education allows for it.