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A strong community depends on you: Theme of the Community Assessment Survey 2013

VANDENBERG AIR FORCE BASE, Calif. --  This important survey is sponsored by the Air Force Integrated Delivery System. Its goal is to make known the opinions and needs of the entire Air Force Community including Active Duty members, Reservists, Air National Guardsmen, their spouses and Air Force Civilian employees.

The survey is scheduled to begin in the month of April. The survey will be completely anonymous -- neither the Air Force, the government, nor the contractor can link any aspect of community members' responses to personal identifiable information. The results will be used by base leadership and the Air Force to target resources where they are most needed, to improve the delivery of community services and to enhance the well-being of community members. Past survey findings have resulted in providing additional services and programs to benefit both service members and families.

Active duty members, Reservists, Air National Guardsmen and appropriated-fund civilian employees will be invited to complete the survey via email invitations. Postcard invitations will be mailed to spouses inviting them to complete the survey also. Each invitation will include a link to the online survey.

"We need to make sure our programs are meeting the needs of Airmen and their families. This survey is one way we can learn how well we're doing that. It's every Airman's responsibility to provide some honest feedback to help" said Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force James Cody.

Through the completion of the Community Assessment, survey responses can directly influence family services and related support activities at local bases and throughout the Air Force. Results from previous Community Assessments have impacted the policies and programs that support both the Air Force and Reserve members and their families. Some of these include:

· Increased support networks for families such as the Adopted Family Program, the INTRO program and Singles Network group
· Expanded financial counseling programs for members and their families
· Job opportunities for spouses

"Our Air Force is ALL about people...caring for Airmen and their families! Please invest some time in sharing your thoughts and opinions on how we can do this better and make our Air Force community stronger." said Gen. Mark A. Welsh III, Air Force Chief of Staff.

If you have any questions regarding the Community Assessment Survey 2013, please contact your local community support coordinator at 805-606-1985.