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Our team is the key to success

VANDENBERG AIR FORCE BASE, Calif. -- Here in the 30th Space Wing we assure access to and from space for the joint force and our nation. The assets we launch and receive are often one of a kind, vital to our national interests, and their missions have often been planned for several years. Failure is not an option and our record of mission success speaks to that.

Despite the high level technology that we employ, the foundation of that success rests firmly with each and every dedicated Airman and civilian on our team. Every teammate is important and so is their job. It does not matter if we are 'on console' for a launch, patrolling the base, screening medical records, or performing one of the countless other critical support functions. It takes everyone understanding each other's job and the impact it has in order to execute the wing's mission.

We are asking Airmen and civilians at all levels to take that same pride and mission focus, and use it to continue to get face-to-face with peers and subordinates. It is vital that we learn each other's story and understand our challenges. We need to ensure our team has the tools to do our mission effectively, work in an environment that promotes professionalism, and take one last critical look to ensure we are all inspection ready.

In January, this wing has the challenge of going through our first phase one and two consolidated unit inspection. We will be inspected to see how well our programs look and how well we perform during contingency operations. When the inspectors come and hear our story, we want it to be one of mission assurance, smart operations, and strong Airmen and families.

We are confident this wing will rise to the challenge as a team, because frankly that is what we do best: Rise up, Hawks!