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Intramural Season

VANDENBERG AIR FORCE BASE, Calif. -- It's been a long week. Work has been hectic and time has been limited. Despite this, intramurals are coming up. A chance to not only enjoy a sporting activity, but form a bond with teammates and remain physically fit in the process.

Intramural sports play a pivotal role in the physical and social progression of Airmen.

"I believe intramural sports are important for camaraderie because sometimes you create life-long bonds with people you may not have ever met if you didn't join," said Salvador Rodriguez, 30th Force Support Squadron intramural sports coordinator. "Intramural sports are important for physical fitness because sometimes this is the only other form of exercise Airmen get besides their unit PT. Plus, what better way to burn calories than when you're doing something you like with people you like?"

Unfortunately, sports can sometimes lead to injuries. As responsible Airmen, their job is to remain safe at all times.

"Airmen should remember they are participating in fitness activities to stay fit," said Michael Trudeau, 30th SW ground safety manager. "While being competitive is a trait that most Airmen have, taking the competition to the extreme and hurting yourself or others is not healthy. It's not very likely the NFL has scouts watching the intramural football games on base, so taking your game to the extreme won't likely end in a multi-year, multi-million dollar contract but could result in an injury that prevents you from fulfilling your AF mission."

Intramural sports provide Airmen a chance to remain physically fit, but we have to remain aware of the risks involved. So before getting on the gridiron or the hardwood, remember to take precautionary measures to prevent these potential hazards.

"Sports and fitness activities can be played competitively and yet in a controlled and safe manner," said Trudeau. "Using risk management before, during and after will help ensure you get the workout and recuperation your body needs to stay fit to fight!"

For more information about Vandenberg intramurals or to sign up, contact Mr. Rodriguez at 805-606-3832.