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The Air Force Inspection System

VANDENBERG AIR FORCE BASE, Calif. -- We are now several months into implementing the new Air Force Inspection System, and I am happy to report that the 30th Space Wing has implemented 15 out of 16 milestones required for the full implementation of the Commander's Inspection Program.

Of course, this has not been without a few hiccups along the way, and it's vital we all understand our role in this new inspection system. No longer are we prepping for upcoming inspections. Instead, we are now inspected on a continuous basis under the Unit Effectiveness Inspection construct. Therefore, it's essential we comply with the rules, laws and instructions that apply to our programs.

If we are not able to comply, then it's our responsibility to report our noncompliance up the chain-of-command so they can help get us to compliance or request relief for noncompliance. Remember, we are mandated to conduct self-assessments on an annual basis in February. Another important fact is the Management Internal Control Toolset self-assessment communicators are not all inclusive of what is required in order for you to be in compliance. With this in mind, you have to comply with all the "will", "must", and "shall" contained in your guidance. As a result of this new inspection system, we now live in a world of transparency where Air Force Space Command IG, Secretary of the Air Force IG, and others are able to view our progress in both MICT and the IG Evaluations Management System, which is a data base used to document CCIP and Major Command inspections.

The Unit Effectiveness Inspection is a 24-month inspection process that ends with a one week capstone event. We are fast approaching the end of our 24-month period, and it's essential you understand how this process works.

During the UEI process AFSPC/IG will gauge our compliance virtually but we will not be aware that it is occurring. During this process they will also conduct an on-site visit for the purpose of observing a real-world mission. AFSPC/IG's on-site visit is scheduled Sep. 21 through 25. Our capstone event is scheduled Dec. 7 through 15. During the event an AFSPC/IG team will conduct Airmen to IG interviews that include one-on-one and focus group sessions. Some spouses may be interviewed as well. They will also conduct focused compliance inspections and task evaluations.

We are not supposed to prepare for this event so it's vital we continually self-assess and self-identify when we are not in compliance. I would like to thank everyone for their patience, cooperation, and support. This is truly a team effort and this wing is well known for its cohesiveness. I would also like to extend a thank you to all the Wing Inspection Team members who are providing people with honest, objective and unbiased assessments. These assessments are helping our commanders make important decisions.

For questions on the new inspection process, contact me or any of the IG staff, at 805-605-6366. We are part of your team and are truly here to help!