30th LRS reminds Team V of proper GMV use

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Kyla Gifford
  • 30th Space Wing Public Affairs

Team Vandenberg personnel use Government Motor Vehicles every day for their respective jobs. Constantly in use, it can be tempting every once in a while to take a quick trip in a GMV to handle personal affairs.

Charged with managing appropriate GMV usage, the 30th Logistics Readiness Squadron vehicle operations section would like to remind Team V members of the rules and guidelines designed to help ensure the authorized and proper use of GMVs.

“We have an operator, records and licensing office that oversees call-ins for suspected cases of vehicle misuse,” said Tech. Sgt. Scott Baird, 30th LRS vehicle operations supervisor. “When we get this information we are required by Air Force Instructions to send it up to the LRS commander, who then processes it to the owning unit commander of that vehicle and they have a conversation about what happened.”

Official GMV use is in line with what the vehicle was acquired for, per that unit’s mission, which varies across the installation.

“The most common misuse that we’ve seen on this base is when a GMV is used based on personal preference,” said Baird. “Driving a GMV to the shoppette, bowling alley, base housing, recreational events – we see these offenses quite a bit. Now that we’ve gotten out of the rainy season, units are trying to build morale and comradery with outdoor events, but they are using GMVs to support these events, which is not allowed.”

LRS leadership is confident in their vehicle operations section’s ability to ensure proper GMV use.

“LRS' vehicle operators take their responsibility very seriously and take pride in protecting our government assets from potential misuse situations,” said 1st Lt. Keith Link, 30th LRS deployment and distribution officer in charge. “They are extremely meticulous and detail oriented when it comes to determining official usage of government motor vehicles and have worked tirelessly to educate and train all members who will be using or requesting a GMV to ensure the standards and regulations are met and upheld. Proper usage of GMV's is vital to maintaining the professional image required of Department of Defense employees and also ensures that fleet longevity and readiness are achieved.”

Vehicle operations members hope to provide an informative and educational platform to help Team V further understand these regulations. The operator, records and licensing office educates units quarterly, to go over the quarter’s misuses and to give tips on the authorized use of GMVs.

“We added the quarterly briefings to assist with education and awareness, but have four more misuse cases than we did at this time last year,” said Baird. “Our office doesn’t determine if there was a misuse and we are not here to point the finger, we are here to educate and push information to leadership so they can inform their members. It boils down to, quite simply, doing what’s right even when no one is looking.”


Examples of GMV Official Use


  • MPS Records checks

  • Mandatory Air Force meetings (commander’s calls must be on base only)

  • Administrative and military justice hearings

  • Authorized Temporary Duty travel

  • Weapon or classified item movement

  • Officially taking part in military ceremonies (i.e. proffer, guest speaker)

  • Mandatory Air Force scheduled official appointments

  • Morale, welfare and recreation support

  • Invited civilians organizations

  • By 30th Space Wing commander, 14th Air Force commander, or delegated approval authority (in writing)



Examples of GMV Unauthorized Use

  • Permissive TDY

  • Domicile to duty

  • Unit or Wing holiday parties, picnics, fridge-funds, booster clubs, Air Force Ball

  • Fundraisers

  • Private organizations, Top-3, Top-4, CGO councils, etc.

  • Breakfasts, luncheons, dinners, socials, icebreakers

  • Personal or social engagements

  • Friends or family watching an event

  • Spouse tours


For more information about GMV rules and regulations, contact the 30th LRS operator, records and licensing office at 805-606-5771.