TLF building scheduled for interior refurbishment

  • Published
  • By Daniel Becker
  • Vandenberg Lodge manager
The Vandenberg Lodge's small temporary living facilities, or TLFs for short, are undergoing an extensive interior refurbishment called a "Whole Room Upgrade" starting Aug. 1. A total of nine TLF units will receive a $320,000 interior facelift which includes new paint, carpeting, draperies and all new furnishings. The other four units in the building, in the wing with the small pet TLFs, were recently taken out of inventory and will not be renovated due to maintenance issues and other related concerns.

In 2007, the Air Force Inns Centralized the lodging fund and all AF Inns buildings were placed on a renovation schedule for upgrade every six and 12 years. After six years, rooms receive a d├ęcor only facelift including wall and floor coverings and soft goods; which includes items like drapes and bedspreads. Then, at the 12 year point, lodging is funded for a whole room upgrade with replacement of all furnishings in the room as well. All of these renovations are accomplished with Non-Appropriated Funds - monies generated from lodging room revenues.
However, these small TLF units have not been upgraded since 1995. According to Mr. Infante, Vandenberg Lodge Assistant Manager, "The building was built in 1942 and since it is so old, and it has been on the facility demolition list for quite some time, it was not scheduled for an interior renovation for more than 15 years. Last year, we requested the building be considered for a much overdue renovation and the project was approved by the Air Force Services Agency."

A similar project was done in 2009 when all of the large 3-bedroom TLFs were renovated. The rooms turned out so nice that guests want to stay there permanently!

The Air Force Services Agency has also funded the planning of a project to permanently replace the building. The scope of the new TLF project will be to construct a new building on Buellton Drive by the large TLFs, Building 12901 and 12915. The new building will have three two-bedroom units, one of which will be handicap accessible, and various housekeeping storage and supply rooms. Another three-bedroom unit, Building 12907, which is currently being used for supplies storage and the housekeeper's break area will be renovated so that it can be put back in the inventory for customer use. A design charette meeting was held here from June 20 - 23 to start the planning process on the new TLF construction project. The team left with a 15 percent design plan to meet LEED Silver certifications for new constructions. Replacement of the old playground is also being requested for this lodging area.

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