Palace Chase option offered to Vandenberg Airmen

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Steve Bauer
  • 30th Space Wing Public Affairs
For servicemembers who wish to shorten their active-duty commitment, Vandenberg's Air Force Reserve recruiter assists Airmen through the use of the Palace Chase Program.

Palace Chase is an early-release program that allows active-duty members to transfer into the Air Force Reserves.

"The program exists to keep servicemembers in uniform," said Master Sgt. Harvey Johnson, Vandenberg's Air Force Reserve in-service recruiter. "It allows people to continue serving their country while also fulfilling their civilian commitments as well."

Through the Palace Chase Program, the Reserve doubles an Airman's remaining active-duty time and applies it to the time the Airman will serve in the Reserve.

However, not everyone is eligible to apply for the program. Servicemembers must have served half of their active-duty obligation before they become eligible to apply for Palace Chase. If an Airman has reached the mid-term point, he then must submit a number of documents in an application package. Required documents include the servicemember's last physical health assessment, Air Force Forms 422 and 1288, five enlisted or officer performance reports, and a current fitness test report.

Once the Palace Chase application has been approved and processed, servicemembers will remain on active duty for four months, at a minimum, before they separate. During this period, the transitioning active-duty members are encouraged by the Reserve recruiter to finalize their out-processing and solidify civilian plans.

There are numerous reasons Airmen decide to look into Palace Chase, Sergeant Johnson said.

"The Reserve offers great benefits," the recruiter said. "Once Airmen are separated from active-duty through Palace Chase, the Airmen are still awarded with some of the same military benefits they have become accustomed to."

Some of those benefits include education and training opportunities, money for school through the Montgomery Reserve GI Bill, use of all base recreation facilities, tax free on-base shopping privileges, a non-contributory retirement plan, low cost life insurance and Tricare Reserve Select Health Care benefits.
Other than the benefits, Airmen may also choose to follow the Palace Chase route to fit their lifestyles.

"I decided to apply for Palace Chase because it was the most flexible employment option since I will be enrolled in school the majority of my time," said Senior Airman Terrance Russell, a 30th Force Support Squadron personnel specialist. "If I need money, I can request to be put on orders, which is much like active-duty for a limited amount of time. If I decide the orders don't work for me, I can cancel them at any time."

For those people interested in joining the Air Force Reserve, or wanting more information about the Palace Chase Program, call Sergeant Johnson at 606-2704.