Weather squadron offers January outlook

  • Published
  • By Lt. Col. Shannon Klug
  • 30th Weather Squadron commander
Did you know that January holds the record for the coldest temperature ever recorded, which was 25 degrees? As to be expected for winter months, the average high and low temperatures continue to drop. January is also the only month with an average snowfall amount, which is a tenth of an inch. 

The good news is January is the month with the fewest days of fog, with only nine days. The bad news is the average number of days with fog in a month increases through the spring and summer to 27 days by August.

The following is an outlook for the month of January. The data was obtained from records kept since 1952.

Average High Temperature 61
Average Low Temperature 45
Extreme Maximum Temperature 83
Extreme Minimum Temperature 25
Average precipitation 2.53 inches
Maximum precipitation (1995) 11.61 inches
Average snowfall 0.1 inches
Maximum snowfall (1962) 1.6 inches
Average wind speed and direction 330 degrees at 7 mph
Maximum wind speed 55 mph
Expected days with Thunderstorms 1
Expected days with fog (visibility less than seven miles) 9