Palace Chase and Front allow Airmen to continue serving

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Wesley Carter
  • 30th Space Wing Public Affairs
No matter what the reason, becoming a full-time student, getting a high-paying job close to home or just wanting to be close to home, leaving the Air Force can be a scary change in an Airman's life. There might be doubts of uncertainty or a longing to continue serving American citizens. For many Airmen there is a chance rid themselves of those doubts, and continue serving through the Air Force Reserves.

"Palace Chase and Palace Front offer good Airmen the opportunity to continue serving, while not having to having to deal with the constant tempo of active duty," said Tech. Sgt. Dominic Johnson, Vandenberg's Air Force Reserve recruiter. "For one weekend a month and two weeks a year you are Sergeant Johnson, but for the rest of the time you are Dominic."

While the Palace Front program allows those separating to stay in the military through the reserves, Palace Chase gives Airmen the opportunity to leave active duty early to join the reserves.

"Airmen who chose to go through the Palace Chase program have to be at least halfway complete their current enlistment, before they can consider the program," Sergeant Johnson said. "The way it works is whatever time is left on the enlistment, it will be doubled and the individual will spend that time in the reserves."

The reserves will also allow Airman to keep benefits that active duty members might lose once they separate.

"You will still be able to shop at the commissary and use base facilities like the gym," Sergeant Johnson said. "Airmen in the reserves will also be able to purchase affordable health insurance through Tricare, an expense that a lot of people separating don't realize."

Airmen in the reserves will also be given the opportunity to take advantage of the 100 percent tuition assistance program that is offered, according to the Air Force Reserve website.

"One of the biggest reasons people separate is to become a full time student," Sergeant Johnson said. "This is a goal that can be accomplished through the reserves."

Everyone who separates the military will be briefed on the possibilities of taking advantage of the Palace Front program, but if an Airman is interested in applying for Palace Chase calling Sergeant Johnson.