Dive into adventure with the Aqualliers

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Sam Bendet
  • 30th Space Wing Public Affairs
Aqualliers might sound like a superhero team found in comic books, but it's actually Vandenberg's Scuba Diving Club and a great deal more. 

For more than 30 years the club has been established here on base, carrying on its legacy. 

The club currently consists of about 40 members made up of civilian, retirees and active duty military members. 

The club does more then scuba dive along the coast of central and southern California; they also give back to the community, said secretary, treasurer and member Jack Ward.
For example, several times per year the Aqualliers Dive Club participates in the California Coastal Commission Beach Clean-up Program, picking up refuse at Refugio State Beach. The club also helped refurbish Vandenberg's lighthouse, and are stewards of the Boathouse Dock area. 

The Aqualliers also joined forces with Vandenberg's 30th Civil Engineer Squadron in recovering an anchor from the Honda destroyer wrecks, said Mr. Ward. They also worked with Boeing to recover large dredging barge anchor in the Boathouse harbor area, as well as barge marker buoy recovery. 

If people are interested in diving off the beaches of Vandenberg, they have to be members, said Mr. Ward. While there are annual membership fees, plenty of perks come with membership. For instance, the club owns an air compressor capable of refilling air tanks for free. 

Although the Aqualliers is not an accredited diving school, they are able to refer you to one. 

For more information on joining the Aqualliers Diving Club, call 606-2698.