Bob Dickson: High demand, low density

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Erica Stewart
  • 30th Space Wing Public Affairs
High demand, low density is how some military professionals describe the operational demands on critical assets like aircraft.

Maj. Mark DelVecchio, the 30th Operations Support Squadron Director of Operations, thinks that Bob Dickson is its critical asset.

"Bob Dickson is a high demand, low density person. Everyone wants to utilize him in some way," said Major DelVecchio.

Bob Dickson, 30th Space Wing Operations Security, or OPSEC, manager, is Air Force Space Command's OPSEC Officer of the year.

He has spent this past year working hard and being diligent to strengthen the 30th Space Wing's ability to secure and protect critical mission information and the nation's capability to operate the Western Range, said Major DelVecchio.

Mr. Dickson secures the nation's ability to smoothly operate multi-billion dollar Department of Defense, civil and commercial space programs for the Western Range.

"With Mr. Dickson's help, the 30th Space Wing created a model program and instilled OPSEC awareness in all of our operational endeavors," Maj. DelVecchio said.

Mr. Dickson's OPSEC expertise extends beyond the 30th Space Wing. As the installation OPSEC officer, Mr. Dickson is responsible to many organizations, including the 14th Air Force, Missile Defense Agency and National Reconnaissance office.

He recently helped Headquarters Air Force validate an OPSEC course and also helped the Joint Space Operations Center with their secure internet servers.

"He is a hard-charger, one of our top guys," said Major DelVecchio. "He flawlessly bears a tremendous burden for the 30th Space Wing and for our nation...and is always busy."

Staying busy with OPSEC comes with the job considering it has many aspects.

"OPSEC can be anything from shredding recall rosters to scanning the internet to make sure sensitive information hasn't been leaked," said Major DelVecchio.

With high demand, a low density person, like Mr. Dickson, the Air Force is able to counter propaganda operations, protect operations, communicate the commander's intent and project accurate information to achieve desired effects across the world.