Vandenberg PT makes strides, keeps base fit

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Wesley Carter
  • 30th Space Wing Public Affairs
The chime of the alarm clock, the sun blasting through the window and memories of a dream accompany those getting up to start their day with unit physical training.

PT programs allow units time to come together and work through each other's moments of weakness.

Each unit has a different way of doing PT. Some groups have an attitude of let's get it done.

Squadrons like the 30th Logistics Readiness Squadron challenge Airmen physically with a combination of push-ups, sit-ups, and other strenuous muscle building activities and then help the Airmen achieve a sense of accomplishment through running exercises.

"It's about getting our Airmen fit to fight," said Staff Sgt. Javier Zaragoza, 30th LRS vehicle operator. "In LRS our Airmen are going to be helping with convoys and they will need to be in shape to be effective."

Unit PT not only increases an Airman's strength but also morale. Some take a creative approach to make PT enjoyable.

The 30th Mission Support Squadron, like many squadrons, mix things up a bit offering somewhat unorthodox ways of exercise, like a last Airmen up scavenger hunt that leads Airmen through the woods only to be confronted by snipers with dodge balls that not only attack the Airmen but also add a 20 push-up penalty on the entire team per hit, while still making Airmen stronger.

"We like to do things that help people realize that PT is not only good for you but can also be fun," said Tech Sgt. Salgado, a 30th Mission Support Squadron manpower technician.

Although there are many forms of PT, the 30th Security Forces Squadron has the unique schedule of running two PT sessions a day. Their 12-hour shifts make it impossible for the entire squadron to meet three times a week. Working with a split-shift schedule the 30th SFS still finds a way to get it done having a morning and an evening PT.

"Having a routine that involves regular exercise is the most important thing a person can do to maintain a healthy life," said Lindsey Buckalew, an exercise physiologist at the Vandenberg Health and Wellness Center.

Regardless of the style of PT that is taking place, when units come together for PT they are making the Air Force mentally and physically stronger.