30th Contracting Squadron acquisitions space superiority

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Shane M. Phipps
  • 30th Space Wing Public Affairs
The Air Force maintains many different installations around the world, with many different operations. These installations are all comprised of various individuals working together to achieve mission success.

At VAFB a primary mission is achieving successful polar-orbital launches - which are often essential to upholding U.S. dominance in space and could not happen without dedicated personnel from various organizations, like the members of the 30th Contracting Squadron.

"The squadron contributes to the overall mission at Vandenberg by obtaining the necessary supplies, services and infrastructure needed to ensure that we can achieve the mission," said Jeffrey Grelck, 30th CONS contracting officer. "We ensure that each organization has, or can get, the equipment, materials, work sites and assistance necessary to complete the mission."

In addition to overseeing contracts directly related to the launch business, 30th CONS ensures the smooth acquisition of all support facilities and amenities offered to Airmen and their families.

"We provide expert contracting and acquisition support and administration for range operations; maintenance and launch support contracts required for mission critical launch capabilities," said Jeffrey Powell, 30th CONS director of business operations. "We also support all construction and support services for base and tenant unit organizations that provide greater living standards, medical professionals, training capabilities and environmental support."

Within the Mission Support Group, the 30th CONS is made up of five primary sections - all with specialized responsibilities, respectively.

"The five sections are the infrastructure support acquisition flight, range and launch support flight, base operating support flight, plans and programs flight, and quality assurance flight," said Grelck. With more than 50 personnel, the squadron operates with a strategic and cohesive mix of active duty Airmen and their civilian counterparts.

With more than 50 personnel, the squadron operates with a strategic and cohesive mix of active duty Airmen and their civilian counterparts.

"Having both military and civilian working together is fundamental to the success of contracting," said Grelck. "When the military members get called away to perform various military specific duties, or go on deployment, the civilian personnel are able to step up and maintain continuous support. Likewise, when the civilians are unable to meet the mission requirements, the military are available to offer their support. A prime example of this was two years ago when the government went into furlough. Without having both the military and civilian team members working together, the contracting squadron could have come to a standstill as the civilians were unable to go into work."

Displaying their office motto of 'You got it, we bought it,' with pride -- members of the 30th CONS remain focused and dedicated to their craft.

"The 30th Contracting Squadron has a very versatile contracting workforce with significant years of contracting experience," said Powell. "Our contracting professionals are here to support our customers and work through the rigorous contracting process needed to support their needs. We are 'One Team' working together for a common purpose."