Fitness Assessment Cell officer-in-charge puts integrity first

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Shane M. Phipps
  • 30th Space Wing Public Affairs
With military members continuing to focus on global operations, maintaining fitness levels in the Air Force is a constant priority.

With this in mind the responsibility of precise fitness assessments, at VAFB, falls on the shoulders of one lieutenant.

"My primary duties include accurately administering (physical training) tests, and keeping track of the wing fitness program on a whole," said 2nd Lt. Danielle Caudill, 30th Force Support Squadron fitness assessment cell officer-in-charge. "I work with all ranks, from airman basic to general, so it's very important I can be unbiased and objective."

Caudill's leadership understands the significant role her position has not only on the wing, but the entire Air Force as well.

"Her position is important because it ensures all Airmen are assessed accurately and consistently to determine their physical condition and ensure a high level of war readiness," said Calvin Tucker, 30th FSS chief of sustainment services flight. "To ensure mission success for the Air Force it's critical all Airmen are fit to fight, survive and win."

Understanding she plays a role in Airmen's careers, Caudill remains dedicated to being fair and impartial.

"I take our core values extremely serious, but especially integrity first," said Caudill. "It's essential anyone in this job stays true to what's right, regardless of any pressure to do otherwise."

To some people's frustration, Caudill consistently sticks to her principles in an effort to preserve the purity and accuracy of all assessments.

"Recently Lt. Caudill definitely demonstrated she was the right person to be responsible for this vital program," said Tucker. "Her integrity shined through like the rising of the morning sun when she was challenged by a senior leader on her administration of the test. She did not back down, although it (would have been the easy thing to do.) She stood firm and the fitness assessment was validated as being accurate. She definitely gives me the peace of mind that the program is in good hands."

In addition to maintaining such a vital program, Caudill offers multiple opportunities for any Airman to improve their overall fitness.

"Even though sometimes I'm tough, I'm still fair and if anyone ever comes to me I can point them to resources to help get them in better shape," said Caudill. "I love helping people and it doesn't have to be because of an upcoming test - but anytime."

For more information on the official fitness assessment, contact the FAC at 805-605-5527.