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Vandenberg officially opened all sections of Surf, Wall and Minuteman beaches Sept. 17.

Beach restrictions are enforced yearly on all three beaches March 1 through Sept. 30 for protection of breeding endangered western snowy plovers and their nesting habitat.

Seasonal beach violations are limited to 50 for Surf Beach, 10 for Wall Beach and 10 for Minuteman Beach. When these violations are exceeded the beach will be closed for the season. This season Surf Beach had 19 violations, Wall Beach had three violations and Minuteman Beach had five violations.

"Readers and residents should be aware that there are still beach rules in the winter: dogs are allowed, but must be on leashes; no fires, kites or remote controlled aircraft are allowed," said Rhys Evans, Vandenberg Natural Resources Lead. "Santa Barbara County will begin construction on a small boardwalk adjacent to Ocean Park, so there may be some short closures or construction delays in that area as well," said Rhys.

As a federal agency, Vandenberg is required by the Endangered Species Act to protect federally listed species, and actively aid in the recovery of those species.