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Delta II launch successful

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Vandenberg successfully launched a Delta II rocket from Space Launch Complex-2 at 11:51 a.m. Oct. 8. 

The rocket carried WorldView-2, a high-resolution, remote-sensing satellite, into polar orbit.

With confirmation of the payload's delivery into orbit and signal acquisition, the launch was pronounced a success.

Col. David Buck, the 30th Space Wing commander, was the launch decision authority for this mission.

"There really is nothing quite as exciting as seeing one of these powerful little rockets jump off the pad," Col Buck said. "I'm incredibly proud of this wing and its mission partners for the way they conquer the immense technical difficulties of space lift operations and make it look so easy."

Once operational, WorldView-2 will join a constellation of satellites belonging to DigitalGlobe. It will produce high-resolution, world-imagery products and services for defense and intelligence, government, and commercial clients.

The Delta II is an expendable launch, medium-lift vehicle. First launched in 1989, the Delta II's primary mission was to carry Air Force GPS satellites into orbit. Today, it is used to launch military, civil and commercial payloads into low-earth, polar, geosynchronous transfer and stationary orbits.

"The Delta II is one of my favorite rockets; I've been launching them since I was a lieutenant colonel," Colonel Buck said. "I'm very confident whenever I am working with this rocket, but I am even more confident when I work with this team."

Vandenberg is next scheduled to launch an Atlas V carrying a payload for the Defense Meterological Satellite Program on Oct. 18.

For more information about the Delta II, contact Susan Wells, Boeing spokesperson, at (321) 446-4970. 

For more information about the WorldView-2, contact KC Higgins from DigitalGlobe at (303) 999-1578.