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Delta II launch scheduled

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Vandenberg is scheduled to launch a Boeing Delta II rocket carrying the DigitalGlobe WorldView-1 satellite, Tuesday between 11:35 and 11:49 a.m. from Space Launch Complex-2 on north Vandenberg.

Col. Steve Tanous, 30th Space Wing commander, will be the spacelift commander for this mission.
The WorldView-1 satellite will provide high-resolution images of Earth.

This launch will take place on the Air Force's 60th Anniversary. In its short but noble history, the Air Force has established itself as the preeminent provider of Air and Space and Cyberspace capabilities.

For more information about the Delta II, contact Mike Rein from United Launch Alliance at (321) 693-6250. Questions concerning Boeing can be forwarded to Susan Wells at (321) 446-4970.

Note to Editors: The following media opportunities are available for members of the media accredited by 30th Space Wing Public Affairs. For accreditation, call Staff Sgt. Raymond Hoy at (805) 606-3595.
Remote camera set-up: Media members who want to set up sound-activated remote cameras on the launch pad need to contact Staff Sgt. Raymond Hoy at (805) 606-3595. Camera set-up will occur on Monday morning at 10 a.m.
Launch viewing of the Delta II: Tuesday, departing the Main Gate Visitor Control Center at 10:15 a.m.