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Vandenberg Officials Announce Base Housing Moves

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Vandenberg leaders announced today the upcoming relocation of some families from Vandenberg's East Housing area into housing units on Vandenberg's main base. 

Twenty-nine families will be moving after base leaders decided to close down an area containing 372 housing units. Vandenberg's East Housing area contains 633 homes built between 1961 and 1969. 

"The decision comes at a time of tight dollars across the Air Force," said Col. Jack Weinstein, 30th Space Wing commander. "When we assessed the number of personnel living in these units we found it would be more beneficial to both the families and our staff members who provide maintenance and upkeep to make the move into West Housing, located on Vandenberg's main base. West housing requires minimum maintenance and meets today's Air Force quality of life standards for our Airmen." 

Members affected by the news were informed of the required moves today at a town hall meeting hosted by the Wing Commander. Capt. Ed Borromeo, Vandenberg Housing Flight Chief, presented the families with a complete timeline and need for upcoming moves. He also informed them that each family will receive a partial dislocation allowance, a cable and telephone reimbursement and complete move by an Air Force contracted moving company. 

"Our first families will be moved over the next 30 days." Colonel Weinstein said. "As military members we know the stress moving causes, even just across base. That's why we are working to insure members are moved into a more modern home with no cost to the family."