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Special Victims' Counsel

What is a Special Victims' Counsel?

A Victims’ Counsel and Victims’ Paralegal team provides legal representation for sexual assault and domestic violence survivors. VCs must be requested by the victim and are granted in cases where the person requesting services meets eligibility criteria, or when exceptional circumstances warrant the provision of services.

The Victims' Counsel and Victims' Paralegal will vigorously defend your rights to privacy, respect, and confidentiality.

The VC team can advocate for your rights and interests to your Chain of Command, law enforcement, and throughout the Military Justice process.

VC and VP teams have an independent chain of command in Washington, D.C.

Restricted Reporting

Restricted: is confidential, does not trigger an investigation or command involvement, and allows the victim to access these supportive service options:

  • Advocacy Services (support, information, referral, and accompaniment)
  • Medical/Counseling Services
  • Victims’ Counsel

A victim can choose to convert a Restricted Report to Unrestricted at any time. However, once an Unrestricted Report is made, the restricted option is no longer available.

Local SVC Team

VCs like Area Defense Counsel (ADCs) are assigned based on availability. This means that your local VC team will not always be assigned to your case; however, your local team can always provide information and training, and receive and process requests for services. The Victims' Counsel and Victims’ Paralegal stationed at Vandenberg SFB serves Vandenberg SFB, March ARB, Los Angeles SFB, Presidio of Monterey and the surrounding areas of Central and Southern California.  

Unrestricted Reporting

Unrestricted starts an official law enforcement investigation, enlists the support of the chain of command, and provides a victim with access to ALL supportive service options:

  • Advocacy Services (support, information, referral, and accompaniment)
  • Medical/Counseling Services
  • Victims' Legal Counsel
  • Law Enforcement Notification/Investigation
  • Command Notification/Support
  • Military Protective Order
  • Expedited Transfer

Sexual assault survivor support

  • Represent YOU and YOU ALONE
  • Provide CONFIDENTIAL legal advice
  • Protect YOUR rights & privacy interests
  • Advise YOU on the Investigation & Prosecution
  • Attend interviews with YOU
  • Attend Hearings & Courts-Martial with YOU
  • Provide case-related Legal Assistance (in personal, civil matters)

The Victims’ Counsel Office is located in the Hawk's Cove 100 Community Center Loop, Building 10364 with the Sexual Assault Prevention Response (SAPR) and Equal Opportunity (EO) Offices, Vandenberg Space Force Base.

- Contact your local VC, SARC/SAPR Office, Family Advocacy, or Legal Office (Legal Office is only an option for UNRESTRICTED cases)

- VC (805) 606-1521

- SARC (805) 606-7272

- Family Advocacy Program (FAP) (805) 606-8217

- Restricted reports–go to the VC/SARC/FAP to ensure the report remains confidential

Vandenberg SFB, CA
SARC: (805) 606-7272
Mental Health: (805) 606-2273
Chaplain: (805) 606-5573

March ARB, CA
SARC: (951) 655-7272
Mental Health: (951) 655-2773
Chaplain: (951) 655-4105

Los Angeles SFB, CA
SARC: (310) 653-7272
Mental Health: (310) 633-6653
Chaplain: (310) 653-5080