Space Launch Delta 30 Chapel Office

Vision: Develop spiritually fit warriors and families.

Mission: Provide spiritual care and employ the Chaplain Corps capabilities to provide warriors and families opportunities for the free exercise of religion

Priorities: Provide for religious expression, Encourage spiritual wholeness, Care for warriors and their families 

Administrative Offices

Located at the Chapel: Duty hours are Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Phone: 606-5773 All services are held at the Base Chapel.

Due to COVID-19 and the health precautions the SLD 30 is taking, our normal worship services and programs are being held virtually and in person. They can be viewed virtually at The chapel is located across the street from the AAFES Gas Station. We will continue to wear masks and physically distance, but stand together in shared spiritual community.

  • Catholic Mass is held at 0900
  • The Protestant Service is held at 1100

As always, please stay home if you are feeling ill or are part of a vulnerable demographic. Our services are live on Facebook for those unable to attend in person.

Catholic Community:

Protestant Community:


  • Chapel 1, Building 16200 is located at 587 Summersill Road. It is Vandenberg's largest chapel with a seating capacity of 600 people.
  • R.E. Complex, Bldg 16140, behind the Spiritual Care Center.
  • Spiritual Care Center, Bldg 16114, across the street from Chapel 1.

Privileged Communications with Chaplains

The privilege of having absolute and total confidentiality in communications with United States Air Force chaplains is an essential component of the chaplain's ministry. Although the absolute policy against any Air Force-compelled disclosure has been in place for several years (see AFM 52-103, Atch 10), some have questioned whether chaplains may exercise their own personal or professional discretion in disclosing information received in the course of practicing their ministry. The purpose of this memorandum is to clarify the nature and scope of the privilege of confidentiality. The privilege of absolute confidentiality in communications with chaplains belongs to the client, not to the chaplain. There are no circumstances where a chaplain can disclose information revealed in the practice of his or her ministry without the client's informed permission. Similarly, Air Force authorities will never require a chaplain to disclose privileged information for any reason whatsoever. There should be no misunderstanding: It is the policy of the United States Air Force Chaplain Service that under no circumstances (except with the client's consent) will a chaplain ever compromise the privilege by disclosing information revealed in a confidential setting. Actions inconsistent with this policy may constitute a failure to meet Air and Space Force standards, with resulting adverse consequences.

Current as of October 14, 2021