Artist’s rendering of WGS-11+


  • AF voting program helps Airmen exercise their right

    Air Force personnel and their families serving around the world have the right to vote and the Vandenberg Voting Program's mission is to ensure Team V has the information and tools needed to exercise that privilege.Prior to deploying, Airmen receive voting materials needed to notify their state of

  • AFSPC announces 2008 Services Program awards

    It gives me great pleasure to announce Vandenberg's AFSPC-level winners for the 2008 Services Program Awards: - Golf Program---30th Services Division - Consolidated/Collocated Club---30th SD- Field Grade Officer---Maj. Kimberly Boehm, 30th SD- Senior Civilian Manager---Michael Szymanski, 30th SD -

  • Vandenberg steps to the 'Challenge'

    As the moon and stars move silently over Vandenberg, a Delta II rocket stands ready to launch, a rogue train enters the base, security forces find an unconscious Airman in the woods and an intruder enters the control center. Is it another action-packed Tom Clancy novel? No, it's just a few possible

  • Guardsman receives Airman's medal for heroism

    An Air Force Guardsman received the Airman's Medal at the Vandenberg Tracking Station on March 1.Tech. Sgt. Joe Reuter, a 148th Space Operations Squadron satellite communications maintenance team leader, received the award for rescuing Ivan Degollado from a vehicle that was engulfed in fire after an

  • JSpOC intergral to Burnt Frost success

    A non-functioning National Reconnaissance Office satellite was successfully intercepted Feb. 20, achieving the objective of destroying the hydrazine tank. In order to keep track of the satellite during Operation Burnt Frost, the U.S. government turned to the Joint Space Operations Center

  • MEO, EEO merger won't affect system

    The Military Equal Opportunity and Equal Employment Opportunity offices here merged Jan. 1 as part of the Program Budget Decision 720 initiative. Just as across the rest of the Air Force, the two offices are now collectively known as Equal Opportunity; however, little has changed beyond the