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  • Vandenberg beaches reopen two weeks early

    The beaches of Vandenberg reopened to beachgoers Wednesday; nearly two weeks before the official end of the snowy plover breeding season. The Vandenberg Natural Resources Office, along with the Fish and Wildlife Service, came to the conclusion that all of this season's plover chicks had completely fledged by Sunday, effectively ending the plover
  • Vandenberg remembers missing, prisoners of war in ceremony

    A remembrance ceremony was held Sept. 15 at the Prisoners of War/Missing In Action Memorial here in honor of national POW/MIA recognition day. The ceremony, sponsored by the Vandenberg First Sergeant's Association, aerospace chapter 1356, included two former POW guest speakers and a collective effort from other base organizations. "135 volunteers
  • VAFB remembers 9-11, continues GWOT support

    Members of the Vandenberg community came together to remember a tragic day in American history at Chapel One here Monday. Chapel One held a Sept. 11 remembrance ceremony in which those Vandenberg community members in attendance were given a somber reminder of exactly why the United States is involved in the Global War on Terror. "Today we remember
  • 76th Helicopter Squadron battles Buellton blaze

    The 76th Helicopter Squadron here responded to a call from the Santa Barbara County Fire Department Saturday to aid crews fighting a fire near Buellton. The squadron assisted firefighters from the California Department of Forestry and Santa Barbara County in containing a wildfire, which burned for two days. The fire began around 2:30 p.m. Saturday
  • JFCC SPACE activates at Vandenberg

    The Joint Functional Component Command for Space was activated with a unit stand-up ceremony here Tuesday. The command of JFCC SPACE was presented to Maj. Gen. William Shelton, 14th Air Force commander by Marine Gen. James Cartwright, Commander of U.S. Strategic Command. "Our prime mission directive in JFCC SPACE is to ensure our freedom of action
  • Vandenberg, Missile Defense Agency complete successful interceptor test

    Working with the Missile Defense Agency, Airmen at Vandenberg accomplished a list of historic firsts Sept. 1 with the successful launch of an interceptor missile from the Ronald W. Reagan Missile Defense site here. The first interceptor launch from a Vandenberg MDA silo came after close to 20 months of preparation and testing here. "This was a huge
  • Run, bike, swim; athletes test endurance

    More than 45 Airmen, friends and family showed up to participate in a triathlon Saturday here. In a contest of endurance, it was the team consisting of Lindsay Buckalew, 30th Medical Operations Squadron, Nate Ogan, 30th Services Squadron, and Kent Yankee that was able to out-do the rest of the pack. The team was able to beat out the second-place
  • Airman's card aids in public communication

    The Secretary of the Air Force has guided all Airmen to tell the "Air Force Story" with help from a small card found at your local Public Affairs office. Michael Wynne, SAF, has directed Airmen to carry an "Airman's Card." The card helps guide communication efforts by sharing experiences to fellow airmen, friends, family and other public
  • NRO sheds light on operations, mission

    The National Reconnaissance Office at Vandenberg hosted a Mission Partner Day and welcomed Team Vandenberg members to take a peek into the once highly classified office. Mission Partner Day started with lunch and included tours of a building that houses different transporters used to move satellites. There were also tours of Space Launch Complex
  • Deployed Vandenberg Airman coordinates bone-marrow drive

    You see his face everywhere. The base exchange, dining facilities, the laundry exchange, work centers and even in the bathroom. The smiles of Cavion Holloway adorned hundreds of posters across the base advertising the Bone Marrow Registration Drive being held in his memory. The base-wide advertising campaign drew in 685 new registrants to the C.W.