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CSpOC and 614th AOC Change of Command, Space Delta 5 Activation

  • Published
  • By Capt Blythe Goya
  • Combined Space Operations Center and 614th Air Operations Center

Air Force Col. Monique C. DeLauter took command of the Combined Space Operations Center (CSpOC) and 614th Air Operations Center (AOC) from Col. Scott D. Brodeur during a change of command, inactivation, and activation recognition event at the CSpoC High Bay, July 24.

Air Force Maj. Gen. John E. Shaw, Commander, Combined Force Space Component Command (CFSCC), U.S. Space Command, and Space Operations Command (SpOC), U.S. Space Force (USSF), officiated the event, which formally recognized DeLauter as the new Commander of CSpOC and 614th AOC.  Immediately following the change of command, the 614th AOC was inactivated, and Col. DeLauter took command of the USSF’s command and control Delta - Space Delta 5.

“Today we honor two exceptional leaders changing command – Col. Scott Brodeur and Col. Monique DeLauter.  These space professionals have and will continue to develop a more resilient space architecture strengthening our partnerships to deliver space-based effects to joint and allied terrestrial war fighters,” said Shaw.  “The women and men in the CSpOC elevated their combat effectiveness to a new echelon of precision and excellence under the command of Col. Brodeur; and Col. DeLauter will continue to advance our space warfighters’ multi-domain, joint, and combined space operations capabilities in support of our national security objectives.”

As the Director of the CSpOC, and the Commander of Space Delta 5, DeLauter oversees command and control of space operations 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  She is responsible for coordinating, planning, integrating, synchronizing and executing space operations; providing tailored space effects on demand to support combatant commanders and accomplishing national security objectives. 

“The establishment of the Space Force and Space Command are a direct reflection of the criticality of space to our nation’s security and prosperity,” said DeLauter.  “I’m proud and privileged to serve as a Director under Space Command, and a Command under Space Force, during this historic period in time.”

During the event DeLauter stressed the importance of solidifying international alliances and partnerships to conduct operations in, from, and to the space domain.  DeLauter will lead a team of more than 450 joint and coalition space professionals with a mission to execute operational command and control of space forces to achieve theater and global objectives.

“Through the collaborative efforts of our firm alliances, we will directly support the Defense Space Strategy by integrating coalition space power into national, joint, and combined operations,” said DeLauter.  “It’s an honor to lead a coalition of space warfighters.  By cooperating with allies, partners, industry and government agencies, we will ensure our warfighters have the right space effects at the right place and the right time.”

Prior to the change of command, DeLauter served as the Chief for the Global Space Effects Division, Directorate of Strategic Requirements, Architectures and Analysis, Headquarters USSF. She assisted the USSF commander in delivering a single, integrated Satellite Communications (SATCOM) enterprise strategy and vision; to include managing a team of core experts who analyze and orchestrate a multi-faceted enterprise through global awareness, command and control management system, SATCOM terminals and governance, and acquisition and provisioning.

DeLauter entered the Air Force in 1991 as an Airborne Radar Technician serving on the Airborne Warning and Control Systems.  As a Distinguished Graduate of Officer Training School, DeLauter also holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Communication Systems.  She also earned three Master of Arts degrees in Leadership, National Security, and Strategic Studies.

DeLauter’s staff assignments include positions at the National Military Command Center Joint Chiefs of Staff, Pentagon; Nuclear, Homeland Defense, and Current Operations, Joint Staff, Pentagon; Commander, 1st Range Operations Squadron, Cape Canaveral Air Force Station; and Global Space Effects Division, Headquarters USSF.