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Readiness and Housing

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Vandenberg Space Force Base is one of 28 areas selected by the Department of Defense for a temporary increase in Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) in October of 2022. Those with average housing costs that have increased more than 20% over current BAH rate qualify for the increase. (U.S. Space Force graphic by Spc. 4 Daniel Sanchez)

Vandenberg Space Force Base, Calif --

Vandenberg Space Force Base is one of 28 areas selected by the Department of Defense for a temporary increase in Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) starting October 2022. Vandenberg qualified for this raise because the average housing costs in the area have increased more than 20% over the current BAH rate. Low BAH and a scarcity of available homes in local Military Housing Areas (MHA) are making it difficult for many to find a place to live.


The Department of the Air Force also recently authorized a review for an out-of-cycle increase of BAH for personnel stationed at Vandenberg. The out-of-cycle review is rare and reflects the department’s acknowledgment and concern for the growing disparity between personnel pay and affordable housing in Santa Barbara County, San Luis Obispo County, and surrounding areas.


“As a result of lack of movement during COVID, the housing market prices going up and a lack of inventory, there was a huge jump in rental costs in 2021. It is close to 25 percent,” said Jacqueline Core, 30th Civil Engineer Squadron housing program manager. “New BAH rates usually come out every year in December and go into effect January first of the following year.”


The October BAH increase, for those who qualify, is separate from the January 2023 annual increase.


In addition to advocating for an expedited increase of BAH, Vandenberg has examined its on-base housing situation. The waiting period for a house on base can be up to nine months long. Leadership has made the difficult choice to prioritize on-base housing for active service members. This means that applications from retirees and non-active-duty military are not being considered. Those who already live on base have been given several months notice and asked to move off base to make room.


“A side effect of a tough housing market is tough choices to ensure our youngest Airman, Guardians and families aren’t impacted,” said U.S. Space Force Col. Robert Long, Space Launch Delta 30 commander. Long understands that stability and mission readiness start with a healthy home life.


Specifics of the BAH increase and other financial information can be found at

You can also visit or call the Vandenberg housing office here, or call to see how they can assist (805) 606-3434