Vandenberg Theater Revival Celebrated with Coining Ceremony

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Olga Houtsma
  • Space Launch Delta 30 Public Affairs

The base theater at Vandenberg Space Force Base ceased regular movie screenings in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic; however, in 2023, U.S. Space Force Col. Mark Shoemaker, Space Launch Delta 30 commander took steps to improve the quality of life at Vandenberg, which included directing the revival of the base theater.

U.S. Air Force Tech. Sgt. Jazmin Nazariego, 30th Force Support Squadron Career Development noncommissioned officer in charge, Staff Sgt. Rizza Perdue, SLD 30 Protocol specialist, and Staff Sgt. Perla Perez, 30th FSS Installation Personnel Readiness noncommissioned officer in charge, took that direction to heart and paved a way to success by partnering with the base’s private organizations to revitalize the theater on Dec. 16, 2023.

Their approach involves offering movies for free while allowing private organizations to operate concessions during the show, in an effort to enhance the theater’s long-term sustainability.

"This effort highlights the collective sprit that drives positive change in our community," said Shoemaker. "Tech. Sgt. Nazariego, Staff Sgt. Perdue, and Staff Sgt. Perez transformed their innovative concept into a tangible achievement. I appreciate their determination in serving our community."

Shoemaker recognized Nazariego, Perdue, and Perez during a coining ceremony at the base theater, commending their dedication and leadership in expanding Vandenberg’s quality of life assets.

"I am incredibly proud of the dedication and resilience displayed by these Airmen," expressed Leutenant Colonel Matthew R. Houser, the Commander of the 30th Force Support Squadron. "The reopening of the theater is a testament to the strong sense of community within our base. This service truly is offered by the community for the community."

By December 2023, the team had refreshed the theatre and coordinated their first movie screening.

“Our main challenge revolved around swiftly tidying up the theater and ensuring it met inspection standards,” said Perez. “Then we shifted to recruiting volunteers, spreading the word through proactive measures like announcements on the Vandenberg page and leveraging social media platforms.”

The team went above and beyond to coordinate with the base youth center to offer a movie day during spring break day camp for more than 90 children.

As a result of these successes, they demonstrated the positive impact their efforts had on the community and the value of collective effort when achieving shared goals.

“Everyone that put forth the effort in making this a reality encouraged our team to keep going,” said Perdue. “Receiving the support through volunteers, donations, and more, allowed us to enhance the Vandenberg community.”

The base theater plans to continue offering themed events and movie screenings, with community support being crucial to its success. Squadrons and youth centers have the opportunity to reserve the theater for their own events as well.

“Community support was vital in bringing the theater back to life,” said Perez. “Without the backing of private organizations and the Vandenberg community, this project wouldn't have been possible.”


The base community stays informed about movie showings through coordinated efforts between the new team and marketing, ensuring announcements reach everyone.


Movies are offered every Saturday with separate showings for children and adults, featuring both PG-13 and R-rated films.


While adjustments may occur with new management, timely updates are available on the theaters notice board and affiliated Facebook pages: (20+) Vandenberg base Theater | Facebook


This cinematic experience was made possible through collaboration with AFFES and coordination with FSS, enriching the quality of life at VSFB.