Stay in shape with Vandenberg's Weight-Loss Warrior Program

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Steve Bauer
  • 30th Space Wing Public Affairs
Do the last couple of calendar months cause you the most difficulty with sticking to your workout regimen?

If so, the Vandenberg Fitness Center offers a program that runs from October to December that helps keep people on track with their fitness goals.

The Weight-Loss Warrior Program is a 12-week incentive program geared toward helping people improve their body fat indexes, which is a body fat measurement based on a person's height and weight.

The weight-loss program uses a point system to award its participants for the progress made in workouts and weigh-ins.

"The Weight-Loss Warrior Program is offered by the fitness center every year to help and encourage patrons to maintain healthy lifestyle choices throughout the holiday period," said Helen Long, a fitness and sports aide at the fitness center.

The program began in 2006 and has blossomed in popularity throughout Vandenberg due to the success stories of the participants.

"I think the program has become very effective," said Isea Jones, a program coordinator at the fitness center. "The program is set up to motivate people to stay on track with their personal fitness goals."

The Weight-Loss Warrior Program also introduces its participants to classes offered by Vandenberg's Health and Wellness Center and other educational resources found at the base library.

The program is open to all active-duty members, retirees, dependants, Department of Defense civilians and base contractors who are interested in improving their physical fitness.

Management at the fitness center are aware that people do not want to travel far for a fitness program, said Ms. Long.

"We are close by, friendly, familiar and free," Ms. Long said. "We have all the resources available for our patrons before, during and after our programs."

Regardless of a person's agenda or personal goals, the Weight-Loss Warrior Program is suited to keep its participants physically active and committed to living healthy lifestyles.

"This program is beneficial for everyone," Ms. Long said. "It is not just for those wanting to increase their fitness and reduce weight, but it is also for those who want to change it up a little and do something they don't normally do. Change is good in the fitness world because it keeps the body guessing and performing toward our goals."