Dorm managers support residence and residents

  • Published
  • By Airman Robert J. Volio
  • 30th Space Wing Public Affairs
For Airmen arriving at their first duty station, the first few weeks can be stressful. In-processing, streams of paperwork, medical and dental checkups, and getting acquainted with a new area can be overwhelming. Upon completion of those tasks, all that remains is getting settled in the dorms, something members of dorm management have covered in spades.

Dorm management plays a pivotal role in the success of Airmen at Vandenberg.

Through their tireless work effort, dorm management provides comfortable living arrangements for dorm Airmen.

"Lately, our days have been filled with relocating about 50 Airmen and removing the furniture and equipment from two buildings in advance of a remodeling project," said Master Sgt. William Proctor, 30th Civil Engineer Squadron unaccompanied housing superintendent. "A typical day will have us in and out-processing several Airmen, making repairs to the dorms and mentoring and counseling Airmen."

Maintaining building health and safety in the dorms is a vital task, as is maintaining solid relationships with those who inhabit the dorms.

"We get Airmen who come into our office just to talk or be mentored all the time," said Staff Sgt. Amber Rembert, 30th CES Airmen dormitory leader. "I think that's my favorite part of the job - the communication with the Airmen and being able to feel like they trust me enough to talk to me."

One form of communication at dorm management's disposal is the Airmen Dorm Council, a group of Airmen that specialize in putting together events for their fellow dorm Airmen.

"The ADC is responsible for a lot of the cool events held at the dorms," said Rembert. "We mentor them as well and help them out. We'll have things like movie nights, video game tournaments and barbecues. Afterwards, the ADC will go around and survey dorm Airmen on future events they would like to see happen."

These events are a catalyst for morale in the dorms.

"The events put together by dorm management and the ADC provide a huge spark in morale and camaraderie," said Proctor. "The Airmen who come out always have a good time."

With many stressors that can detract from an Airmen's performance on the job, dorm management goes above and beyond to assure that living arrangements aren't one of those stressors.

"If your living situation is adequate, that's one less thing you have to worry about while you're doing your job," said Rembert. "There are so many stressors and outside influences that come into the workplace, we don't want their housing situation to be one of those stressors. We can positively impact Airmen and the mission here at Vandenberg by making sure their focus is on their job."

For more information about the dorms or to make an appointment, call 805-605-2048.