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Servant leadership; IG Airman secures assets, efficiency, and awards

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Latonya Kim
  • 30th Space Wing Public Affairs

“Working for the IG is a special experience,” said Burner. “When I first learned of the IG position, while working in Security Forces, I thought ‘that sounds like a great opportunity,’ but I didn’t know what to expect. After two years in the position, I am grateful for the opportunity to serve on the IG because it has helped in my development as an Air Force leader.”

As a dedicated member of the 30th Space Wing Inspector General team, Tech. Sgt. Daniel Burner commits his time to developing exercises, assessing key processes and using impartial, objective fact-finding and problem solving techniques to ensure that the Airmen of Vandenberg Air Force Base, Calif., are trained, equipped and ready to fight.

Throughout 2019, Burner assisted with the Commanders Inspection Program, leading unit inspections, providing commanders with independent assessments that highlighted limitations or mission risk. He also worked with the Wing Inspection Team to develop strategies and execute plans for unit self-assessments.

His continuous efforts to improve the 30th IG and the base lead to Burner ultimately winning the 2019 Lt. Gen. Howard W. Leaf Inspector General Award for both the United States Space Force and United States Air Force.

“I want to be part of the solution. The IG is a problem-solving enterprise, and by nature, I like to troubleshoot and find resolution,” said Burner when asked why he wanted to be part of the 30th IG. “It is imperative that there be an independent channel for all members of the Air Force community to communicate any issues of retaliation, reprisal, or violation of rule, law or instruction.”

As a vital asset to the 30th IG team, his wide array of knowledge and selfless contributions enabled Burner to stand out from the crowd.

“In a job where the military rotate so quickly, it is challenging to pick up each position the IG has in the short amount of time members spend on the team,” said Master Sgt. Jennifer Parker, 30th IG superintendent. “Burner accepted the challenge with ease and has worked all the positions on the inspection side of the IG. Not only does he know his job, he trains others on the positions as well.”

Burner isn’t the only member of 30th IG hard at work. During 2019, the 30th IG was the first IG office in the United States Space Force to accomplish the nine congressionally mandated program inspections and reports ahead of schedule. The team also completed the Air Force’s first combined anti-terrorism and readiness exercise, as well as an energy resilience evaluation, assessing the Wing’s ability to execute 150 mission objectives without electricity. These events led the 30th IG complaint resolution section to win the 2019 Lt. Gen. John P. Flynn Inspector General Award for the best complaints resolution program in the USSF.

According to Burner, the diverse experiences and backgrounds of the team help the whole team work together to find better solutions.

Burner and the 30th IG team will not let these achievements stop them, as they continue to leverage the knowledge and skill from its members, commanders, leaders, program managers, and experts across the organization to improve the mission and quality of life for the members of Vandenberg AFB.