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  • Mental injuries, illnesses are killers

    What would you do if you suffered a broken leg tomorrow? Chances are, you would go to an emergency room, see a doctor, have your leg x-rayed and placed in a cast and get a set of crutches. You wouldn't be back to 100 percent right away, but you could at least function.Now, what would you do if you suffered a broken mind? That answer's not so
  • Overcoming pride to prevent suicide

    As my office has just completed a resiliency stand-down day, I am struck by the increasing numbers of suicides in the Air Force every year. There are more agencies and programs than I can count to assist anyone thinking of hurting themselves, and we receive regular training on how to engage in positive behaviors. So why is this still a problem?
  • Identifying your domicile

    Domicile is a term of art that has a very specific meaning. Different from "home of record" or "residence," your domicile is the state in which you reside now or have resided in the past, and the place where you intend to remain or return to. Everyone has a domicile, but identifying it can be difficult at times. Your domicile is important for a
  • Adventures in weight loss

    I walked into the room and it stood there taunting me, reinforcing years and years of negative body image stereotypes.Laughing at me. It was my personal egg-shaped cocoon of shame. Fortunately, I was ready to overcome any news that was headed my way. Sometimes the worst information is the best motivation. Today, my motivation was coming from the
  • MLK feature: 'Insufficient funds'

    "In a sense we have come to cash a check... It is obvious today that America has defaulted on this promissory note... Instead of honoring this sacred obligation, America has given the Negro people a bad check which has come back marked "insufficient funds." Although not recognizable, these lines are verses taken from Dr. Martin Luther King's speech
  • Vector check: Why do you serve?

    In recent weeks, there's been a lot of chatter at the water coolers about the future of the Air Force. Folks are concerned, and it's evident from their comments: Is my contract going to get cut? What about retirement benefits? Forget doing more with less, soon we'll be doing everything with nothing! Their concerns are understandable; our country
  • 'We need leadership not likership'

    While I was contemplating what to write about in this month's paper, several ideas came to mind; new space capabilities, new changes to the Dress and Appearance AFI (36-2903) and various others. Then I saw a picture of a road sign outside an Army post in Afghanistan. I decided to write about a topic that is easily overlooked and often taken for
  • Change

    Change, hmmm, conjures up many emotions. In our business, change seems to be the only thing that is consistent. I don't feel that this is a bad thing; we are the world's most dominant Air, Space, and Cyber Space Force, best in the history of mankind. We continue to develop world class leaders. We continue to display that we are relevant to the
  • Team V spouses gotta stick together!

    Changing duty stations can bring forth many emotions. For me many times I felt a mix of both excitement and nervousness. My family and I arrived at Vandenberg in 2004. It was my first experience with Air Force Space Command and an active (all-ranks) spouses club.As a stay-at-home military spouse, I was very active during the day with my two young
  • No pencil eraser for social media mistakes

    In February 2010, Pentagon officials authorized using social networks on unclassified military computers. They believe the benefits of social media outweigh security concerns. However, operational security has always been a military constant and that has not diminished with the advent of social media. If anything, OPSEC has become more important