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  • CES commander defines leadership

    19 years ago, I stood on the parade grounds at the Medina Annex on Lackland Air Force Base, Texas, anxiously waiting to accept my commission as a brand new second lieutenant. Moments before my uncle, a retired colonel, asked me to raise my right hand, he pulled me aside and said, "Matt, in a few minutes, you're going to be a lieutenant and outrank
  • Boldly do what you should be doing all along

    Do you always do the right thing? Do you always know what the right thing to do is? While there may be lots of room for debate, it is generally held that the "right thing to do" is largely defined by public law or treaty, organizational regulations, instructions and policy, and the societal mores and values your parents, teachers and friends
  • Rise Up, Hawks!

    The Hawks of the 30th Space Wing at Vandenberg are part of a proud heritage of Airmen, Department of Defense civilians, and contractors who launch rockets. We proudly serve our nation from a strategic location; in fact, we are the only location in America for space launch into polar orbit. Collectively, we've been doing this amazing job since 1958,
  • DUIs and ARIs: A matter of discipline

    In Afghanistan, a handful of service members have hurt America's strategic interests through incidents of gross misconduct, such as urinating on Taliban, burning Korans, and allegedly massacring villagers. Meanwhile, Vandenberg is responding to an increase in DUIs and alcohol-related incidents (ARIs). Despite increased focus on the dangers of
  • Surviving rape: A mother's perspective

    It began with the phone ringing at 5 a.m., which is never a good time for a phone call. It was my 18-year-old daughter sobbing, saying she was at the police station. I asked her what she had done (not my best parenting moment). Then, she said she had been raped, and my heart stopped. I told her that she was not a victim, and, by going to the
  • Big Fires Start Small: Preventing Child – Set Fires

    Fires are the number-one cause of death at home for children under six. The National Fire Protection Association estimates that two of every five of those children killed in home fires die in fires started by themselves or other young children. More than one of every eight fatal structural fires is started by a child under age 15. Why Children Set
  • Tools of the Trade

    On an uncharacteristically cool, crisp night, deep in the heart of Louisiana, my efforts to evade capture by an opposition force came to a sudden halt when, quite unintentionally, I managed to gift-wrap myself in the painful spirals of razor-sharp concertina wire. Repeated flails did nothing to break the entanglement. One hundred meters west of my
  • I chose AADD

    Two roads diverged in a yellow wood.That opening line of Robert Frost's epic poem, "The road less traveled," describes the choice we have after drinking. It seems like we all know of someone who has gotten a DUI, but I've never heard of anyone end a drinking story with, "and then we took Airman Against Drunk Driving home."Is it because we're afraid
  • Alcohol awareness minute: The cost of a DUI

    The cost of a DUI in California is over $6,000 and your military career will definitely be in jeopardy. How much does it cost to get a ride from a volunteer with Airmen Against Drunk Driving? Nothing! AADD is 100 percent free, safe, and anonymous!Volunteers are standing by to provide safe rides Fridays, Saturdays and any night before a holiday or
  • Earth Day calls for broader focus at all levels

    Each year when Earth Day rolls around, I make a commitment to pay greater attention to our natural environment, to shift focus from seemingly inconsequential daily activities to the greater task of preserving and improving our natural environment. But this way of thinking misses the mark.Earth Day isn't a time to shift focus, but to broaden it.It