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  • The holidays: A time to stop and give thanks

    Another year has passed and once again we find ourselves in the midst of the holiday season. Whether this time of year has crept up on you, or couldn't seem to come quickly enough; it is here and it's busy. The holidays are a time of year when we have special foods, gatherings, decorations, and shopping. It is a time when many of us go places we
  • Our team is the key to success

    Here in the 30th Space Wing we assure access to and from space for the joint force and our nation. The assets we launch and receive are often one of a kind, vital to our national interests, and their missions have often been planned for several years. Failure is not an option and our record of mission success speaks to that. Despite the high level
  • Air Force contingency contracting: The ultimate force multiplier

    The mission of the United States Air Force is to fly, fight and win...in air, space and cyberspace. Several times a year, the 30th Space Wing conducts exercises to ensure we are ready to support the AF mission in a deployed environment. The first part of the exercise involves tasking military personnel and their equipment and then ensuring both are
  • First impressions

    A few weeks ago, I took a short trip to one of my favorite places - Yosemite. I decided to stay in a hotel in a nearby town called Oakhurst. It's still a bit of a drive from there to the national park, but staying there allowed me to drive from home in the evening, rest overnight, and then spend the entire day in the park. The drive wasn't bad -
  • Get your inspection face on!

    In sports, whether you are an observer, participant or full-on fanatic, you will often hear, "Get your game face on!" It's another way to say, "Participants need to get into the right frame of mind to be victorious."As Airmen, our primary duties do not necessarily include participation in sporting events. However, we perform our duties the best we
  • Maintaining perspective

    A military Airman's life, whether it be a uniformed or civil service member, can be extremely hectic. It becomes easy to fall into the overwhelming day-to-day routine and lose sight of what we do, particularly for members who are not deployed. We come to work every day and perform what appear to be very routine tasks. However, we must keep our jobs
  • Developing leadership muscle: An exercise prescription

    Many authors have written about how to develop leadership. Leadership development typically divides into two categories: Natural talent versus practiced skills. The latter is similar to when a person makes the concerted effort to improve their fitness skills. This would typically include visiting a personal trainer who would give advice that would
  • Getting to core of innovation

    When we think of innovation, we often think of life-changing inventions that have improved our lives dramatically. Innovation, however, encompasses more than inventing something great from nothing. Innovation is often improving something that was already good or utilizing it in a novel way to resolve different problems. In other words, you do not
  • Article 15... Now what? Ask the ADC!

    What an Article 15 means for youArticle 15 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice is an avenue for commanders to provide discipline that will not result in a Federal conviction, as opposed to a courts-martial. The legal office typically advises units to engage in progressive discipline, which means when an Airman has a discipline issue, commanders
  • One team, one dream

    The wing has been working tirelessly the past several months checking and double checking self assessment programs, conducting emergency management exercises, and sharpening our deployment processes in anticipation of the upcoming inspection. However, we sometimes become so focused on our individual efforts, that we overlook a critical element of