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  • A reflection of service

    As Veteran's Day approaches, I contemplated what the day means to me and kept coming back to the concept of "service." At a macro level, I focused on what it means to be a member of the Armed Forces and the heroes, family, friends and coworkers past and present who have answered a higher calling in support of the various branches of service. At an
  • Civilian vs Military Justice System: How do they compare?

    When I was in high school, before I learned that the military even had lawyers, I believed commanders imposed punishment on the spot without so much as attempting to get the other side of the story. I blame television! I now know that was totally wrong. But, in my own defense, I let myself be misled by Hollywood's portrayal of the military justice
  • Boy scout radio jamboree a big hit

    The annual boy scout jamboree on the air was hosted by members of the Satellite Amateur Radio Club from October 18 to 20. This event allows scouts to chat with other scouts in countries around the world, as well as within the United States. In addition to getting on the air, scouts also attended classes to earn the radio merit badge, with 13 scouts
  • How are you connected?

    At last month's commander's call, I had an opportunity to lay out our wing's updated Mission, Vision and Priorities, as developed by thirty members of the 30th Space Wing leadership team [see graphic]. I would like to take a minute to focus a bit on our people priority, specifically how we all are a part of, and contribute to, our connected
  • Vandenberg medical group introduces secure messaging capability

    The 30th Medical Group is excited to begin patient registrations for MiCare, the Military's online confidential secure messaging service. This system has been shown to significantly reduce the number of phone calls between patients and providers, increase patient satisfaction, and save time for the medical office staff and the patient. The 30th
  • Airmen encouraged to take opportunities

    Opportunities -- they may not always come your way, but when they do, you should take advantage of them, learn from them and most importantly grow from them. They will most certainly prepare you for what lies ahead. Sure, you could simply go about your daily job and never venture outside your comfort zone, but what fun would that be? I believe we
  • The Air Force I Know…

    It has been my sincere honor to command the 30th Space Wing at Vandenberg Air Force Base. In every way, it has been the assignment of a lifetime; we launch rockets and test missiles for our country. We live on, work on, and take care of, the most beautiful property in the Air Force, and we are privileged to serve with the most amazing group of
  • Mission success hinged on strong Airmen, families

    Choosing life as a civilian versus life as a uniformed military member can be a daunting task at the ripe young age of 18. What solidified my decision to join the Air Force? The level of support the Air Force provides for service members and their families.After my arrival to Vandenberg in July, it did not take long for me to notice a commonality
  • A strong community depends on you: Theme of the Community Assessment Survey 2013

     This important survey is sponsored by the Air Force Integrated Delivery System. Its goal is to make known the opinions and needs of the entire Air Force Community including Active Duty members, Reservists, Air National Guardsmen, their spouses and Air Force Civilian employees. The survey is scheduled to begin in the month of April. The survey will
  • More than a Wingman

    The term 'wingman' first entered my vocabulary the summer of 2008 while in basic cadet training at the United States Air Force Academy. The concept of, "never leave an Airman behind" was engrained in my head from day one. Five years later as a second lieutenant, the term is frequently used in anti-DUI campaigns, Self Aid and Buddy Care training,