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  • When your number is called

    I love watching sports and admiring the stories of athletes who are, or will for sure be, a first ballot hall-of-famer. What they all have in common is their tremendous will to win. We see it on ESPN all the time when they make the last winning shot, touchdown, putt, goal, homerun or whatever it is. But what we do not see is the work they put in
  • Honoring those who came first

    I took part in the Greater Peoria Area Honor Flight on Sept. 27, and I had the privilege of being one of the escorts for the veterans on this flight. The flight left the Peoria, Illinois airport at 6:30 a.m. for Washington D.C. with 75 World War II, Korean War, Vietnam, and Operation Enduring Freedom veterans, escorts, a medical team, and a local
  • ROTC cadets visit Vandenberg

    2nd Lt. Alex Cordell, 30th Contracting Squadron contract manager, and 12 cadets from the San Jose State University Air Force ROTC Detachment visited Vandenberg Air Force Base and the 30th Security Forces Squadron March 17. During their time shadowing the 30th SFS, these cadets were able to see and experience how our Defenders are expertly trained
  • Getting to know families of fallen veterans

    With Veterans Day now in the rearview, I recently had a chance to reflect. Every year, we emphasize the importance of the contributions of our Armed Forces members, both past and present. While this notion is absolutely warranted, some of the biggest contributions that often go unnoticed are the sacrifices military spouses and family members make
  • Hymn for the workplace

    Just another average day here at the 30th Space Wing. Now that I probably have the commander’s attention, let’s talk about an “average” day in the Air Force before I get fired.Is it even fair to say “average day” in a profession of arms? Our base literally encompasses rocket science, missile defense testing, and satellite tracking all at the same
  • My Day in the Pharmacy

    Do you remember that time you spent waiting in line at the base pharmacy for your prescription wondering if you’ll miss your “essential” meeting? We have all been there. Where we all haven’t been is inside that pharmacy that fills the hundreds of prescriptions daily to see what they are thinking. I was given the opportunity to spend a day with the
  • Leadership in the face of crisis

    JFK once noted that the Chinese character for crisis is a combination of the characters for danger and opportunity. While the recent wildfires were undoubtedly a dangerous crisis, they also posed an opportunity for Team Vandenberg to demonstrate our ability to calmly and professionally handle a dynamic and chaotic situation.The fire began the night
  • Breast cancer – a different kind of battle

    It’s the time of year when most people are preparing for battle. Players are performing their pregame calisthenics, limbering up before the upcoming contest on the gridiron. Teams are huddled up last minute to go over strategy and execution. Flag football brings out the competitive and meticulous nature in its participants. Amidst the crowd of
  • You know when your milk expires, but do you know that your smoke alarm does?

    There’s a good chance that you keep a close eye on the food in your fridge and replace it before it expires, but do you do the same for the smoke alarms in your home? If you’re like most people, you may not even be aware that smoke alarms can expire. That lack of awareness is a concern for the Vandenberg AFB Fire Department.   “We all should know
  • Make it happen – document!

    When you take a moment as a supervisor or trainer to document an individual training record for your trainee, you are making positive things happen. Not just for the trainee, but for everyone involved. Talk about time well spent!   Capture all training by making entries into the official training record. A properly documented training record is a