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  • Take a Hike

    The wind wisps past your face giving you the fresh air you’ve needed all week while you’ve been stuck at the office. Sweat dripping down your face, muscles are tensing and your body is testing your ability to finish what you started. Throughout one’s Air Force career they must stay not only physically, but mentally and emotionally fit in order to
  • Leap of Faith

    Have you ever jumped out of a perfectly fit aircraft to overcome your fears? Well, it’s safe to say that I have securely leaped from an aircraft that was 13,000 feet in the air and rapidly plummeted towards the earth to conquer mine.  Leap of Faith is a unique resiliency program hosted by the Chapel, which encourages Airmen to use skydiving to
  • Vandenberg Spouses’ Club awards $11,000 to students for higher education

    The Vandenberg Spouses’ Club is proud to continue the tradition of awarding merit-based scholarships to military high school seniors and undergraduate dependents. The largest single donor to the scholarship fund is the Vandenberg Thrift Store, donating a record-breaking $3,000. These students are being recognized for their leadership, community
  • Vandenberg supports rescue exercise

    As the third largest Air Force base, Vandenberg is a premier location, not only polar orbiting launches, but also for exercises. For this reason, Tiger Rescue IV was executed March 25 through 31, here.Tiger Rescue IV was a joint-unit rescue operation using assets from the 55th, 58th, 71st and 129th Rescue Squadrons, with support from the 30th
  • Mentorship from below

    It is often stated; to be a great leader, you must also tackle the art of being a great follower. This statement could not be more evident when it comes to the mentorship officer’s gain from the enlisted force. Every officer has been told at some point in their career to find a strong senior non-commissioned officer and attached yourself to them.
  • FSS to take over NAF Food and Beverage Operation at Vandenberg

    Sodexo announced in Oct. 2017, that the company would not renew the Non Appropriated Funds Food and Beverage contract, which includes the bowling center, Jamba Juice in the fitness center, the Pacific Coast Club coffee shop, dining room, officer and enlisted lounges, and catering functions. Our Force Support Squadron team is up for the challenge
  • Vandenberg Defender strives for excellence

    Often times when a photojournalist has the opportunity to capture the character of one of our leaders, the confines of a megapixel prove unworthy. After an interview with Master Sgt. LaFreniere, I highly doubt that even the freedom an article proposes will be able to suffice. The day of our interview we decided that the calm breeze, blue skies, and
  • Vandenberg’s own Rocky

    Every once in a while, life affords you the opportunity to meet someone who is, what I’d like to call, a genuine soul. A person who lights up the room with their infectious personality – equal parts kind and humorous. If anyone frequents the Vandenberg Thrift Shop they undoubtedly have met one of these souls – a volunteer named Clarence Rollins, or
  • Setting fitness goals, one race at a time

    Some people are addicted to caffeine, others are addicted to adrenaline. Maj. Michael Molesworth, 30th Space Wing Inspector General director of inspections, is one individual who is arguably addicted to triathlons and fitness competitions.As a result of his fitness lifestyle, he set a goal to max the Air Force physical fitness test every year. So
  • Team V captain truly encompasses “Excellence in All We Do.”

    The Air Force is full of competitors in their respective sports, educational pursuits, and career progression. Captain Garrett Glover, 381st Training Support Squadron flight commander of student development, is one of Team V’s premier competitors.Glover was among ten, 381st Training Group, Airmen who were recently awarded the chance to attend