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  • Story behind a photo - first launch

    It's almost 3 a.m. on a typical cold, foggy night at Vandenberg and the icy winds blast against the side of the truck. It's been less than three hours of waiting, but it feels like an eternity. It's probably just the anxiety though, after all - this will be the first time. My coffee is gone. On a cold night like this it's the first thing to go as I
  • Leader of the pack

    Our family dog Gus, a chocolate lab, is definitely the favorite member of our pack. He possesses many traits of a great leader. The family for us is the simplest and most perfect form of government, and our first experience in a group. For Gus, the pack was his ancestors' solution to join together to accomplish goals and satisfy needs. For
  • The enduring foundation of Air Force success: Airmen

    Most of us serving clearly recall the events of Sept. 11, 2001, and are intimately familiar with the 14-year campaign to defeat terrorism that continues today. By 2001, however, the Air Force was already approaching a decade of deployments across the globe and today nears the silver anniversary of nearly continuous combat operations. Since the
  • What the ‘Cyber’ is going on?

    You may be asking yourself this question a lot lately. Just turn on the news and you will see a report on yet another company that has been hacked, their information stolen, destroyed or exposed for the world to see. Companies like Sony, Target, Walmart, Home Depot and even technical companies like Apple are not immune. There are a number of
  • Be a Champion

    Champions want the rock. Whether it is the last play, shot, penalty kick, or at bat, champions want the opportunity to step up and get the win for the team. For champions, every such opportunity is where the crossroads of drive, intelligence and passion come together for success. On the rare occasion when they do not succeed, champions will come
  • ADC’s Tips for the Holiday Season

    With Thanksgiving almost upon us, as well as Christmas and New Year's around the corner, we are truly in the midst of the holiday season. Unfortunately, what should be a time of happiness can quickly sour if you are not vigilant. Here are five tips to ensure you won't need the Area Defense Counsel's services this holiday season.1. Don't Drink and
  • Winter is coming?

    Winter is coming; and although winter at Vandenberg means something completely different than northern bases, there are still hazards to be cognizant of while driving.Military members move around a lot, I realize the 'no duh' factor in that statement is high, but bear with me for a moment. I, like many of my military brethren, have driven in all

    It's an early recall Friday morning at work. Phone rings. Really, you're kidding, already? A little grumpy, I responded, "may I help you?"Instead of 'exercise, exercise, exercise', I was treated to a story."Hi, this is Mike, I'm calling from New York," said the gentleman on the phone. "I hope you can help. I have a dear friend, Joe, who was a
  • Bullying prevention, not just a month

    Nine years ago in October National Bully Prevention Month started. I bet you didn't know that, but if you did, kudos to you for knowing things. I was unaware of it. Granted, I was even unaware we had a month in which we focus on not bullying people. I mean bullying is so childish, right?Every so often I see in the news that there was a 'bullying
  • Making great things happen

    During his inspirational town hall session with the men and women of Vandenberg, former Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force Robert Gaylor said "every Airman should have a motto". His motto is the unforgettable, "people like hot French fries". Anyone who has ever received an e-mail from me knows that I sign off each one with "Now go make great